Sunday, March 13, 2011

Koch Watch: Illinois Manufacturers' Association/Utah conservative group meddle in Wisconsin politics

Illinois Manufacturers' Association/Utah conservative group meddle in Wisconsin politics

Post by Brandon Leahy on 2/26/2011 9:00am

It's probably a good sign for opponents to Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining rights stripping bill that their biggest opponents aren't even from Wisconsin. Ads currently running on television calling for support of the Governor's bill are produced by the Economic Freedom Alliance which is essentially a non-profit arm of the Illinois Manufacturers' Association. Probably a safe bet to assume IMA is the Illinois equivalent of our beloved Wisconsin Manufacturer's & Commerce.

Of course, it hardly seems worth reporting anymore because everyone and their mother should know by now, other ads being run on behalf of the Governor are being funded by the Washington, DC based outfit, Americans for Prosperity - Koch Brothers, Tea Party, ya da, ya da, ya da...

A Utah anti-immigration group called "Americans Against Immigration Amnesty" has filed paperwork in Wisconsin to begin the recall process for eight of the 14 Democratic Senators that are currently hanging out in Illinois. AAIA has filed under the name American Recall Coalition and based on the group's thought Yahoo had shutdown GeoCities?

While on the topic of recalls, the demonstrators probably have a head start on recall efforts. Tuesday through Friday of last week a table was set up in front of the State Street side steps collecting signatures to recall eight Republican Senators in the event Walker's rights stripping bill passes. The recall effort for Sen. Alberta Darling appears to have the most steam.

For the record, I personally think recall efforts are a waste of resources for either side and a distraction from the business of governing, but if we're going to do it anyway wouldn't it be hilarious if all eight Democrats and all eight Republicans were recalled? Eye for an eye, baby! Forward!