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The threat of America's nativist far right

The threat of America's nativist far right

While Peter King holds hearings on homegrown jihadists, the growing menace of white supremacist terror goes unremarked

Nineteen of those killed were aged under five in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, which before 9/11 was the deadliest terrorist attack in US history. Photograph: Porter/Keystone USA/Rex Features

As emerging reports would have it, Kevin William Harpham, 36, who is accused of setting a bomb to go off at the Martin Luther King Jr Day parade in Spokane, Washington, was yet another "lone wolf" terrorist, acting at his own behest and on his own behalf. Even groups on the racist, radical far right that so clearly inspired him are rushing to disown and denounce the indicted man. Regardless of whether he was a "member" of an organised group, there can yet be no doubt that Harpham saw himself as part of a movement – one that has an especially broad reach in the age of Obama, and roots as deep as American culture itself.

The vision of a black president has given the racist far right one of its biggest boosts since the civil rights era of the 1960s. Figures toted up by the Southern Poverty Law Centre suggest a dramatic rise in the numbers of organized groups: their numbers grew by 40% from 2008 to 2009, and an additional 22% from 2009 to 2010, bringing the total to 2,145 groups. It's difficult to know precisely what these numbers mean, since these groups are constantly changing names, dissolving, reforming or springing up, and few of them maintain public membership rolls. What is nonetheless clear is that a strong far right movement has re-emerged, and what unites it is the age-old American doctrine of nativism, born out of fear of some dark outsider sneaking in to steal the white man's homeland and his hegemony.

Nativist thinkers are spread all over the map, but the strongest current comes in the form of the Sovereign Citizen movement, or what used to be called the Posse Comitatus and before the posse, the Silver Shirts. For the old Posse adherents and their contemporary progeny, the white Aryan man is the only true "sovereign" over his land and his life. White women serve beneath him; black and brown "mud people" are menials worthy only of disdain; and Jews (who do not qualify as white) are usually behind it all, running the economic and financial systems through a worldwide Jewish conspiracy. They do not admit to being subject to the laws and dicates of the US government; they eschew social security, cars and drivers' licences, and won't pay taxes.

For the true sovereign, the sheriff is the highest legitimate law enforcement official in the land, and a jury of his (white male) peers the only legitimate government body. These beliefs are underpinned by the religion of Christian Identity, which claim white sovereigns are the direct descendants of the lost tribes of Israel, who on their long trek out of the Middle East made their way up through Scotland and Ireland over to the United States.

Different facets of the nativist movement have enjoyed periodic heydeys in 20th-century America – first in the 1910s and 20s, when anti-immigrant sentiments were rife and membership in the Ku Klux Klan reached more than 2m. In the 1930s and 1940s, they penetrated the edges of the political mainstream through figures like Father Charles Coughlin, who was the Glenn Beck of his day. A Catholic priest and radio personality, Coughlin was at once enormously popular and virulently antisemitic and anti-New Deal. His ally Gerald LK Smith, leader of the Share Our Wealth campaign, was evocative of some of today's more extreme Tea Party candidates.

The Klans and related groups had another resurgence in response to the civil rights movement of the 1960s. In the 1980s, groups like the Posse, which drew together white supremacy and Christian Identity with anti-government "patriot" sentiments, found particularly fertile ground for recruitment among dispossessed Midwestern farmers. While figures like David Duke ran for political office, others, like the violent group The Order, carried out bombings, bank robberies and murders, and engaged in blazing shootouts with federal agents, all in service of their plan to build a white homeland.

After the Oklahoma City bombing, with its perpetrators' ties to the militia movement (and, most likely, to other far right groups as well), the movement tended to dig in further underground. Just as Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were deemed to be acting alone, the periodic bursts of far right violence – whether they be an attempted bombing, the murder of an abortion doctor, attacks on undocumented immigrants or on Muslims, or the shooting of a congresswoman – are attributed to "lone wolves" rather than to organised plots by any particular group. Yet the distinction belies the reality of a movement that has long encouraged its adherents to act in "leaderless resistance" cells or carry out one-man guerrilla attacks (and become celebrated as "Phineas Priests", named for the Bible story of a man who executed an interracial couple).

The alleged MLK Day parade bomber, Kevin William Harpham, may or may not have consider himself a lone wolf if, as he is accused, he put together a backpack bomb laden with shrapnel dipped in rat poison to induce bleeding and placed it on the route of the parade. But there can be little doubt as to where his inspiration came from. Bill Morlin, formerly a reporter for the Spokane Spokesman-Review and now an independent investigator, traced Harpham's background in a comprehensive report for the publication Hatewatch. In the military, Harpham was stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington, home base for 320 far right wingers. He was once a member of the racist far right National Alliance, and had left various postings on extremist websites suggesting he had had enough of the "international Jewish conspiracy", which, among other things, he held responsible for 9/11.

Leonard Zeskind, a leading expert on the radical far right and author, says that today, "the main tendency of organisations is mainstreaming … The movement imperative is towards the Tea Parties, running for office, anti-immigrant mongering – not roadside bombs." None of this, of course, prevents people from being "recruited" to their ideas and choosing to act on them. One far right leader said much the same in an interview following the attempted bombing in Spokane. "There are many aspects to the white supremacist movement," Shaun Winkler, Imperial Wizard of the White Knights of the KKK in Idaho, told a local television station. "There are those of us that are on the political side, and there are those of us that are revolutionary. It sounds as if this individual was on the revolutionary end rather than the political. And there are a lot of lone wolves out there. People that are sympathetic to us, but people that we don't know."

Historically, federal law enforcement has given little credence to the power of the nativist current in American society, and has paid relatively little attention to the activities of nativist groups. That has perhaps changed since the election of Barack Obama, whose presidency has so focused and emboldened the racist far right. Yet, despite their obvious threat, there are no competitors to Peter King, holding congressional hearings on the recruitment of homegrown jihadist terrorists.

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Koch Overthrow of America - Is the Scott Walker Story Just the Tip of the Koch Brothers’ Political Iceberg?

Is the Scott Walker Story Just the Tip of the Koch Brothers’ Political Iceberg?

February 26,2011

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

Last week I wrote up a post titled Scott Walker: A Fiscally Responsible Governor or a Politician Who Is Playing Favorites?. Judging from the number of comments left at that post, it appears that people are very interested in what’s been going on in the state of Wisconsin. I think many people may believe that as Wisconsin goes—so goes the nation…and probably the life expectancy of labor unions and collective bargaining.

What got a lot of press attention was the story of the prank phone call that Governor Walker received from gonzo journalist Ian Murphy. Murphy pretended to be billionaire industrialist David Koch. He talked to Walker for twenty minutes. Murphy reportedly told the Associated Press he made the prank phone call in order to show how candid Walker would be in a conversation with Koch at a time when Democrats claim the governor was refusing to return their calls.

The prank phone call appears to show a cozy relationship between Walker and Koch, a top campaign donor who may have a financial interest in fighting unions. Union workers protesting in Wisconsin have already made monetary concessions to help with Wisconsin’s budget shortfall. One has to wonder what is really behind the governor’s demand that public employee unions be stripped of their right to bargain collectively. Is it all part of an agenda to “take unions out at the knees”—a strategy suggested by Scott Hagerstrom at the annual conference of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC)? Hagerstrom is the Executive Director of Michigan’s chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP).

In a Mother Jones article, Andy Kroll writes: Walker’s plan to eviscerate collective bargaining rights for public employees is right out of the Koch brothers’ playbook. Koch-backed groups like Americans for Prosperity, the Cato Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the Reason Foundation have long taken a very antagonistic view toward public-sector unions.

And who is Americans for Prosperity? Felicia Sonmez has written that AFP is really two groups—both of which were founded by David Koch in 2004: Americans for Prosperity, a 501(c)4 and the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, is a 501(c)3.

Somnez says that both groups are considered “not-for-profit” organizations under the Internal Revenue Service code—and that they do not have to disclose the identity of their donors or the contributions made by those donors. She added that David Koch is believed to be one of the group’s top donors.

In a New Yorker article titled Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama, Jane Mayer wrote about Peggy Venable, the Texas State Director of AFP: She (Peggy Venable) explained that the role of Americans for Prosperity was to help “educate” Tea Party activists on policy details, and to give them “next-step training” after their rallies, so that their political energy could be channelled “more effectively.” And she noted that Americans for Prosperity had provided Tea Party activists with lists of elected officials to target. She said of the Kochs, “They’re certainly our people. David’s the chairman of our board. I’ve certainly met with them, and I’m very appreciative of what they do.”

In August 2009, ThinkProgress said that it had obtained an exclusive memo from a Tea Party group that is supported by Koch’s Americans for Prosperity.

From Think Progress: “The memo outlined various ways for Tea Party activists to intimidate Democratic lawmakers and disrupt their town hall meetings on health reform. ThinkProgress published half a dozen articles exposing the role of Koch-funded groups like “Patients United” in encouraging opposition to health reform. For instance, in Virginia, a Koch-funded operative Ben Marchi assisted a birther who followed Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) around, yelling at him at town hall meetings.”

That’s all I’ve got for now, folks. Talk amongst yourselves. I need a break!


Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama. (New Yorker)

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Koch Overthrow of America - David Koch and Rupert Murdoch have plenty of water boys like Scott Walker

David Koch and Rupert Murdoch have plenty of water boys like Scott Walker

February 27, 2011 By: admin Category: Mainstream Media, Uncategorized, class war

David Koch and Rupert Murdoch have conspired with Scott Walker against the workers of Wisconsin and indeed against the workers of the USA.

As part of AlterNet’s coverage of the Kochs and Murdoch over the last two years, they reported how Koch’s Americans for Prosperity Foundation synced an annual conference with Glenn Beck’s rally last summer at the Lincoln Memorial, offering discounted hotel rooms and bus travel to attendees, as well as day-long shuttle service between the conference hotel and the rally.

Perhaps you remember the collusion reported between Americans for Prosperity and Fox News in creating the furor that pushed Van Jones from the White House.

You may also recall our report on a 2009 Americans for Prosperity Foundation conference at which one-third of the speakers on a 15-speaker plenary agenda were on the payroll of a Murdoch entity. Two of those speakers, John Fund and Stephen Moore, hail from the Wall Street Journal; Moore sits on the newspaper’s editorial board. So it should come as no surprise to find both Fund and Moore carrying Koch’s water in this fight.




I too have spent the last three years reporting on the antics of David Koch and his propaganda mill known as “Americans for Prosperity.” This is the same bunch of greedy bastards who cheered when the USA lost our bid to host the Olympics in Chicago. Winning that bid would have immediately created thousands of jobs for Americans and would have ultimately infused our economy with billions of dollars and these pigs cheered and high-fived one another when they heard the news. There are YouTube videos of them doing it.


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The Rich would have you believe that serfdom results from “big government” when in fact they are the ones promoting serfdom.

From the Koch Brother’s Viewpoint: You have the freedom to work for nothing.

Not everyone has bought the Koch-sponsored Tea Party claptrap

If Tea Party Members would only take five seconds to consider the source of their movement: David Koch, Dick Armey, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck

Tell the simple truth and drown out the BS from Tea Party Side-Show Bobs bought and paid for by the Rich

Maybe someday ordinary Americans will wise up to the frauds that the Rich perpetuate against them such as the Tea Party Movement.

Koch Brothers: Bus your Tea Party members down to the Gulf to Clean up the BP spill

The Tea Party has Joseph Stalin to thank for its existence.


The Organ Grinder Man is Cranking up his Monkeys


Tim Phillips, “Mr. Americans for Prosperity”

Speaking about fake grassroots, how about those “faces of coal

Look at the vile propaganda that David Koch helps to fund and promote

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More cracks in the dam of the rich. Murdoch isn’t able to smooth over his hacking for news.

The top 25 Most powerful people on the Planet [Murdoch is 13th]

What has Rupert Murdoch, propaganda empire kingpin done to the Wall Street Journal in the past 3 years?

The real problem: The Republican and corporate centrist Democrat platforms work well for the rich and the rich are in charge of DC.

The Wall Street Journal openly approves of bombing Pakistan and killing people

Fox News Nazi Double Standards: OK if their pundits and right-wingnuts use it, but not OK if Progressives use it.

rupert-murdoch-1.jpg picture by eeberry

Murdoch papers paid over $1.5 million to gag phone-hacking victims

Fox News should be prosecuted for its lies to the American people

Koch Overthrow of America - Did Scott Walker and the Kochs overplay their hand in Wisconsin?

Did Scott Walker and the Kochs overplay their hand in Wisconsin?


Angry voters rally in Wisconsin (Reuters)

With 100,000 protesters rallying in Madison, Wisconsin this past Saturday to protest the union-busting tactics of Republican Gov. Scott Walker, the cracks may already be showing in the great tea party takeover of government.

Public opinion polls show a majority of Americans didn’t like Walker’s tactics in Wisconsin. Sarah Palin‘s popularity is dropping while nutcases from the rabid right like Michelle Bachmann makes voters who fell for their “we’re gonna change things in Washington” line regret their decision last November.

Which creates a fascinating politicial conundrum: Voters aren’t happy with Obama and the Demorats, they don’t care much for Republicans and now they are having second thoughts about all those tea party “reformers” they voted into office.

Oh, the fickle American voter.

The problem, of course, is that the typical American voter is just plain fed up with government, politics and the people they elect to office.. The dissatisfaction crosses party lines. Democrats aren’t happy with Obama, Republicans wonder what happened to their party and the tea baggers realized they drank a witch’s brew.

Meanwhile, the Koch brothers sit in their palatial offices back in Wichita, high-fiving each other because all they disarray appears to be playing right into their hands to seize control of the American government for their own profiteering.

But the Kochs and the conservatives and the tea baggers may have overplayed their hand. With a growing number of voters already starting to show signs of buyer’s remorse and excesses like Scott Walker re-energizing the Democratic union base, the voter anger in 2012 just might be directed at them.

When a governor’s action brings 100,000 protesters to a state capital, those who deal in using voter anger to their advantage start to take notice.

The Kochs are used to operating in secret but their involvement in the tea party movement and debacles like Wisconsin have brought them into the public eye and they can’t stand public scrutiny.

As owners of one of the largest privately-held conglomerates in the world, they aren’t used to having to answer to anyone but themselves. That could change because of Wisconsin and — if it does — it is change that is long overdue.

Their involvement and agenda are out in the open now and a growing number of Americans realize that the phony grassroots operation called the tea party is nothing more than a sham organization fronting for two billionaires who are nothing more than modern-day robber barons who want absolute control of the American government.

I know this because I once worked for the Washington consulting concern — The Eddie Mahe Company — that created Citizens for a Sound Economy, the phony grassroots group that morphed into Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks and — ultimately — the Tea Party. I created newsletters for Citizens for a Sound Economy.

I helped create other phony grassroots efforts, like Citizens for Rural Broadband Internet Access — a front group for Corning designed to help get funding so rural telephone coops could buy fiber-optic cable from the company.

I’m not proud of that period of my life. I was in it for the money and the money was good but creation of such sham outfits subverts Democracy and we’re seeing the results of the Koch brothers subversion now in Wisconsin and other states where similar attempts are underway to take away the collective bargaining rights of public employees.

It’s just the beginning of a master plan by the Kochs and other corporate fat cats to control government and it won’t stop until they are stopped.

Koch Overthrow of America - Tea party plan: Enrich the rich

Tea party plan: Enrich the rich

By Jason T. Eastman - Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2011

The protests in Wisconsin illustrate just how quickly tea party politicians and "activists" readily abandon their ideals to undermine their political opponents and regressive agenda through any means necessary. We now see that despite popular perception, this conservative movement was never about populist interests; rather it is simply a clever public relations campaign coordinated by corporate ideologues like the Koch brothers who wanted nothing more than to further consolidate their wealth and power under the guise of a grassroots movement.

Initially, real populist groups like unions were willing to stay quiet as tea party politicians pushed through their anti-tax, deregulatory agenda. We assumed that another stimulus package would not happen, and thought anything to stimulate the economy was better than nothing. Many workers also held some remote hope that the tax breaks and regulatory relief given to corporations would be used to invest and create jobs, rather than outsource more labor overseas so CEOs could give themselves bonuses that are tucked away in offshore accounts to avoid paying even the reduced Bush tax rates they fought so hard to sustain.

However, working Americans fed up with suffering the brunt of the recession only to watch the wealthy further prosper are now waking up to the tea party master plan. We know now cutting taxes, especially those for the corporate class, was just the first phase of a larger plan. While Republicans ran on a balanced budget the last election cycle, their tax cuts for the rich actually put the federal government deeper into the red. At the same time many conservative governors, including Scott Walker in Wisconsin, squandered small budget surpluses with tax policies that overwhelmingly benefit the corporate rich.

While some politicians seem sincere in their efforts to reduce costs while protecting workers, governors like Scott Walker or New Jersey's Chris Christie are using the budget shortfall that is mostly of their party's making as a rationale for class warfare. In fact, Walker has rejected compromises with unions who offered to make economic concessions so long as workers keep their collective bargaining rights. This, along with the strategy session Governor Walker had with a prank caller pretending to be the billionaire tea party founder David Koch, shows conservatives are more intent to union bust than either balance their budgets, or put people back to work.

Since the Reagan era, public employees have accepted wages that are not competitive with the private sector in exchange for the generous benefit packages states were able to cheaply negotiate with providers because of the large size of government work forces. But now that the private sector has chipped away at the benefits of their workers, the corporate elite are trying to use their fabricated, tea party populist outrage to undo public employee's affordable access to health care and a comfortable retirement instead of using their power to secure access to doctors and dignity in later life for their employees.

After 30 years of assaults, Wisconsin workers are fighting back, and we can see the double standards of the tea party in the face of a real populist effort to protect the middle class. While the tea party spent years protesting democratic legislation like the health care bill, they now call the Wisconsin protestors trouble-makers and slobs. While they endlessly fought the democratic majorities of the last two congresses with every and any means available, tea partyers now claim elections have consequences and everyone should submit to the will of ultra-conservative governors like Scott Walker.

Wisconsin is showing America what a true populist movement looks like; and union members across the country stand poised to protect the basic rights and social contract we have spent over a century fighting, and even dying for.

The writer is with the Department of Psychology & Sociology at Coastal Carolina University.

Koch Overthrow of America - "He who controls redistricting can control Congress,", Karl Rove

By Mike Dean | Tuesday, March 15, 2011
... "He who controls redistricting can control Congress," was the subtitle to an opinion piece that Karl Rove wrote for the Wall Street Journal last year. In the piece he described how Republican-led efforts to draw congressional districts gave Republicans a huge political advantage in Texas and Pennsylvania over the last decade.

Rove advocated that this strategy must be emulated during the next redistricting process and called on conservative donors to make significant investments in state legislative races during the last election to ensure Republican leadership for the upcoming redistricting effort. He was brazen enough to say that writing campaign checks in 2010 would be a cost-effective investment because Republicans would have to spend less money on non-competitive congressional races in the future. ...

I personally recruited Jeff Harbin into the National Socialist Movement.

I personally recruited Jeff Harbin into the National Socialist Movement.

Just last Wednesday the FBI arrested a man and charged him in connection of an attempted bombing of a Martin Luther King Day parade in Spokane, Washington. Kevin Harpham, 36, an ex-Army soldier from Colville, Washington, was charged with one count of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and one count of possessing unregistered explosives.

The SPLC alleges that Harpham has ties to the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group based in West Virginia, and claims that he made more than 1,000 posts on Vanguard News Network - a racist Web site - under the pseudonym “Joe Snuffy.”

National Alliance officials told the Associated Press the Harpham isn’t a member of their group. However, Harpham’s public defender said he wouldn’t be surprised if the charges against his client were changed to include hate-crime charges because of Vanguard News postings.

In a separate case in January, an Arizona federal grand jury indicted Jeffrey Harbin, 28, for possessing 12 grenade-like improvised devices. The devices were built with PVC pipe filled with black powder, ball-bearings and an improvised fusing system, law enforcement officials said.

“Jeffrey Harbin built these IEDs in such a way as to maximize human carnage," Dennis Burke, U.S. attorney for the District of Arizona, said in January. “Thanks to the hard work and diligence of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Phoenix Joint Terrorism Task Force, the defendant was intercepted, and the devices he created were disabled before they could be used to potentially inflict grave human harm.”

The SPLC alleges that Harbin has ties to the The indictment didn’t mention neo-Nazism, but a former member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement.National Socialist Movement told Arizona’s ABC15 that Harbin was a member of the group.

“I personally recruited Jeff into the National Socialist Movement. I am no longer a unit leader or with the Nationalist Socialist Movement,” J.T. Ready told the station in January.

When asked what Harbin planned to do with the weapons, Ready referred the station to federal authorities. But Ready added: “I will say domestic terrorism is real.”

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Koch Industries Tea Party KKK News Today

Has Koch Industries' investment in Marco Rubio paid off?

The Washington Independent - Kyle Daly - ‎2 hours ago‎
received more Koch Industries money than any other candidate for US Senate in the 2010 election, and many of his other major contributors have personal and professional ties to the Koch brothers as well. So how have Rubio's backers fared so far in ...
Rubio the No. 1 recipient of Koch money in 2010 Senate races The Florida Independent

Billionaire Koch brothers criticized for involvement in Wisconsin Gov. Scott ...

Green Bay Press Gazette - Larry Bivins - ‎Mar 13, 2011‎
The billionaire owners of Kansas-based Koch Industries, a petroleum empire with seven sites in Wisconsin, are closely linked to Americans for Prosperity, a conservative grassroots group that organized Saturday's “Stand With Walker” rally in Wisconsin ...
The badger who became a weasel Bennington Banner

Gov. Scott Walker Refusing To Release Details Of Contacts With Koch Industries

Think Progress - George Zornick - ‎Mar 11, 2011‎
Over two weeks after receiving a request from One Wisconsin Now, Walker's administration has refused to release details of its contacts with lobbyists from Koch Industries, run by billionaire arch-conservatives Charles and David Koch. ...

Over Two Weeks Later, Walker Has Not Released Administration-Koch Lobbyist ... eNews Park Forest
Over two weeks after One Wisconsin Now filed an open records request for all email and written communications between Koch Industries’ lead Wisconsin lobbyist and the office of Gov. Scott Walker and the Department of Administration, the Walker administration has yet to fulfill the request. One Wisconsin Now said it is considering legal action and notes the unusual speed at which Gov. Walker’s office released staff email communications this week it claimed were proof of the administration’s willingness to negotiate with Senate Democrats in the budget repair bill dispute.

“Gov. Scott Walker needs to learn there isn’t one set of open records laws for emails you want to release and another set of open records laws for emails you don’t want to release,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “Suing Gov. Walker to obtain these records is not what we want to do, but we are more than willing to take him to court if he refuses to promptly fulfill our reasonable and legal request.”

Billionaire tea party tycoons financed Wisconsin's anti-union governor ...

Raw Story - Stephen C. Webster - ‎Feb 19, 2011‎
None other than reviled tea party financiers Charles and David Koch, is who. Turns out, the billionaire oil tycoons' political action committee gave Gov. Scott Walker (R) roughly $100000 in campaign contributions during the 2010 election, according to ...

David Koch Claims He Doesn't 'Directly' Support Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Think Progress - Lee Fang - ‎Mar 4, 2011‎
Americans for Prosperity bused in Tea Party activists to support Walker's current power grab, organized a major rally to support Walker, and has purchased $342200 in ads supporting Walker and attacking his liberal critics. ...

The Koch Brothers in the Spotlight Jewish Times of Southern New Jersey

Unlike Gates and Buffett, who have been widely known for decades through news and media coverage, David Koch, 70, and Charles Koch, 74, ( pronounced “ Coke”) have assiduously avoided public notice or attention. On August, 2010, Jane Mayer in The New Yorker magazine brought them into the open with an indepth investigative article that focused on the Kochs as longtime libertarians using their money to influence government policy and practices. It was entitled, “Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama.”

However, they were still not household names until Governor Scott Walker, who ignited the anti-union uproar in Wisconsin, took a telephone call from a prankster who identified himself as David Koch. Walker had received $ 43,000 from Americans for Prosperity, a Koch funded foundation, and the caller was put through immediately. The imposter taped the lengthy conversation about the Democratic senators who had fled to Illinois and complimented Walker on his refusal to budge. Walker: “I’ve got layoff notices ready . . . “ Koch impersonator: “Beautiful; beautiful. Gotta crush that union.” Once the prank call hit the cable news and the late night jokesters, David Koch and his brother could no longer remain reclusive billionaires who have been backing conservative causes for decades.

'Koch' name pervades online reaction to Wisconsin bill CNN (blog)
Then, there are the calls to boycott brands owned by Koch Industries, including: Angel Soft toilet paper, Brawny paper towels, Dixie paper products, Mardi Gras napkins and towels, Quilted Northern toilet paper, Soft 'n Gentle toilet paper, Sparkle napkins, Vanity Fair, Zee napkins, Georgia-Pacific paper products and envelopes, Georgia-Pacific lumber and building products, Lycra, and Stainmaster Carpet - to name a few.

The Koch name first came to be associated with the budget repair bill when an online news editor posed as David H. Koch, executive vice president of Koch Industries, and duped Walker into taking a prank call.

Koch Industries Makes Billions Corrupting Government - ‎Mar 8, 2011‎
Koch Industries, owned by Charles and David Koch, is not only the second-largest private company in America, it is the most politically active. As ThinkProgress has carefully documented over the last three years, Koch groups have spent tens of millions ...
Boycott Koch Industries Southside Pride
Op-Ed: The illusory multi-million dollar ads campaign comes to Wisconsin

Koch Brothers Behind Environment Killing Measures - ‎Mar 2, 2011‎
By now you're probably familiar with Koch Industries, a major polluter that's involved with just about every kind of unsustainable industry - oil, gas, coal, chemicals, cattle, forestry, and synthetics. They're behind much of the right wing organizing ...
Anonymous has a new target: The Koch brothers Pitch Weekly (blog)

Koch Industries Tops Scott Walker Boycott List - David Green - ‎Mar 9, 2011‎
Number one on the list: Koch Industries. David and Charles Koch's contributed $43000 to Walker's 2010 gubernatorial campaign through their company's Political Action Committee (PAC). The Koch brothers also founded Americans for Prosperity, ...
The Kochs and the guv stir up a hornets' nest Illinois Times

The Koch Brothers May Be In Your House Right Now

Death and Taxes - Andrew Belonsky - ‎Feb 22, 2011‎
Liberals would love to wipe their bums with David and Charles Koch, the conservative businessmen who help fund and elevate conservative causes, like the Tea Party. Well, turns out they can… ...

Tea Party Billionaire David Koch Bemoans Cuts In Federal Cancer Funding

Think Progress - Brad Johnson - ‎Mar 7, 2011‎
The cuts, supported by the Tea Party Republicans Koch helped elect, greatly dwarf the private support Koch has offered for cancer research, which amount to about one percent of his vast petrochemical wealth: Let me conclude my remarks by asking those ...
Video: Sen. Brown Seeks More Funds From David Koch Democracy Now

Charles and David Koch #18 on Forbes' Billionaires List - David Green - ‎Mar 11, 2011‎
Americans for Prosperity, a Koch-founded 501(c)(4), dolled out $45 million to tip elections in favor of Republican and Tea Party candidates in 2010 alone. That group is also behind "Stand With Walker", a multimedia publicity campaign designed to ...

The Evil Stench of David H. Koch and Corrupting Arts Philanthropy

Clyde Fitch Report - Beck Feibelman - ‎Mar 10, 2011‎
While the New York State Theater and the MIT cancer institute bear Koch's name, his conservative political funding projects are much more discrete. Through AFP and his other front groups, Koch funds the racist, crackpot Tea Party and then lies about it ...

MAINE COMPASS: What about those Koch brothers?

Morning Sentinel - John Frary - ‎Mar 11, 2011‎
... union busters, financiers of the tea party, and supporters of think tanks of ill-repute, ie, think tanks that contradict liberal think tanks. Although I've been "Koch conscious" since David Koch ran as vice president on the Libertarian Party line ...

Another Big Win for Koch Tea Party Funding - New Hampshire Abandons its RGGI ...

IBTimes - Susan Kraemer - ‎Feb 28, 2011‎
With unprecedented funding from the Koch brothers, following the Supreme court decision to allow bribery, polluter-friendly "Tea Party" Republicans have been installed in state legislatures around the country, who signed pollution-friendly "climate ...

Insanely Rich Koch Bros Demand "Fiscal Sanity" in Wisconsin

Gothamist - John Del Signore - ‎Feb 22, 2011‎
Their money is also reportedly behind a lot of the Tea Party movement, and they finance the right-wing organization Americans for Prosperity. Yesterday the president of that non-profit (ha) group turned up in Madison, Wisconsin to lecture union ...
Americans for Prosperity Attack Middle Class Auburn Journal

How David Koch tried to derail the Reagan revolution

Salon - Steve Kornacki - ‎Feb 23, 2011‎
... to an impersonator, but the simple fact that someone claiming to be David Koch could (apparently) reach him with such ease speaks to the stature Koch -- a billionaire tycoon who has been called "the Tea Party's wallet" -- now enjoys on the right. ...

Freedom of assembly trumps free enterprise

The Hill (blog) - Leo W. Gerard - ‎Feb 25, 2011‎
Koch got Walker elected. The Koch-backed Tea Party now rallies in Madison against the public employees. The Koch-financed APF bought $320000 in TV ads against the public workers. Other Koch-financed GOP governors are sending letters of support to ...
In a Democracy, Freedom of Assembly Trumps “Free Enterprise” Firedoglake

"They Have Found The Enemy, And It Is Koch"

The Atlantic - ‎Feb 24, 2011‎
Americans for Prosperity, the nonprofit Tea Party-organizing group co-founded by David Koch—he's still on the board—had a $40 million budget in 2010. (On Tuesday AFP announced a $342000 ad buy supporting Walker.) Nationally, the labor movement spent ...

All in a huff over Crossroads GPS

All in a huff over Crossroads GPS

The Crossroads ad, which points to an incestuous relationship between unions and liberal politicians, cites a paper from CATO's Chris Edwards on public-sector unions to state that their members in government make 42 percent more than "non-union" workers. The figure is potentially misleading for two reasons. First, the grammar in the ad is ambiguous, making it unclear from whether it is a comparison with all non-union workers, or non-union government workers. (Sargent wrote -- incorrectly -- that the ad specifically compares government union workers to "non unionized workers in general.")

Second, as the CATO paper notes, the 42 percent figure does not account for the fact that most unionized government workers live in states with high costs of living and high incomes, like New Jersey, California and New York. The paper suggests that after controlling for this, the discrepancy is probably something closer to 10 percent.

Sargent quoted Chris Edwards, the author of the paper, as if he were outraged by the misuse of his data. This, too, was somewhat misleading, Edwards told The Examiner.

“I didn’t initiate a complaint against the ad,” said Edwards. “The Washington Post put a spin on it that I’m making a big deal out of it. I’m not.” Edwards, who had been unaware of the ad before receiving Sargent's call, called the ad’s mistake a “copy editing error,” and said that its misinformation comes from its vagueness.

Well that explains it then... The author of a Koch-Empire Think Tank (Cato Institute) whom writes propaganda pieces to subvert America for his fatcat bosses, is REALLY NOT in conflict with the Koch-Paid-For Karl Rove propaganda ad to overthrow America. They are both on the same page, the page that lists everybody with a brown nose for Koch.

CBS News - Brian Montopoli - ‎Mar 1, 2011‎
Karl Rove, Former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Adviser to President George W. Bush. A pair of Karl Rove-affiliated conservative groups - American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS - announced Tuesday morning that they are seeking to raise $120 million ...

Huffington Post - Peter H. Stone - ‎6 hours ago‎
They have no Karl Rove. Instead, they have David Brock, Bill Burton and Craig Varoga, none of whom have Rove's marquee fundraising appeal to fill the coffers of outside groups trying to influence the election.
Democrats desperately seek their own Rove Center for Public Integrity

Karl Rove, Koch Brothers -- on your TV, in your mailbox

Seattle Post Intelligencer - Joel Connelly - ‎Mar 6, 2011‎
The Crossroads GPS political committee, co-founded by Bush guru Karl Rove, is in my mailbox, on my TV screen and now on my radio at Whidbey Island.

Two 'shadow GOP' groups plan to spend $120 million on the 2012 campaign

Yahoo! News (blog) - Holly Bailey - ‎Mar 1, 2011‎
By Holly Bailey holly Bailey – Tue Mar 1, 1:22 pm ET A pair of conservative groups with ties to former Bush advisers Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie plans to nearly double what they spent in 2010 to boost Republicans in next year's elections ...

Lax Internal Revenue Service rules help groups shield campaign donor identities

Washington Post - ‎Mar 9, 2011‎
Crossroads GPS was founded with backing from Karl Rove, a political adviser to President George W. Bush, and concentrated its spending to produce attacks on vulnerable Democrats last year.

Karl Rove Is Having Wet Dreams About Jeb Bush in 2012

OpEdNews - Roger Shuler - ‎Mar 6, 2011‎
But it neatly summarizes the apparent point behind a lengthy profile of GOP strategist Karl Rove in the current issue of New York magazine.