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More Tea Party Racism

More Tea Party Racism 
"Oh, come on! Everybody who knows me knows that I am not a racist. It was a joke. I have friends who are black! Besides, I only sent it to a few people - mostly people I didn't think would be upset by it," explained Marilyn Davenport , Teapublican activist and member of the Orange County Republican Party Central Committee.

Davenport is in hot water for circulating a racist hate-email depicting President Barack Obama and his parents as chimpanzees. The email also noted, "Now you know why - No birth certificate."

As with most white racists on the defensive, Davenport's "excuse" was that she only sent the email to her closest racist friends, that she is not a racist , that she didn't realize the email was racist, and that it's perfectly acceptable to make fun of black people as subhuman. These are each classic forms of racism denial. Instead of an apology, Davenport said she was concerned over who leaked her racist email and then blamed the media for running it.

Dehumanizing blacks as being ape-like (and by implication not as evolved as whites) is among the most violent, hurtful and persistent legacies of America's enslavement of black Africans. In a six-year research study at Stanford it was found that whites who do not regard blacks as “fully human” are also likely to ignore or even condone violence against blacks.

The Republican-sponsored Tea movement, with its veneer of white supremacist nationalism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia in response to President Obama's election is a political manifestation of white Christian superiority that must be constantly monitored.

Maybe we shouldn't be too surprised by such overt racism coming from Orange County's Republican Central Committee. It is after all the same organization that celebrated the election of the first black US President ever by circulating an email depicting a watermelon field instead of a lawn in front of the White House.

White Supremacist Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

A man who told police he was part of a white supremacist group has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for having weapons and explosives.Brandon Lee Hall, 41, was found guilty of several charges related to the weapons.Channel 2 Action News obtained several police reports in which officers listed the items they confiscated from Hall during an April 2010 arrest after someone reported him looking suspicious on Moreland Avenue.The reports lists a machete, handguns, black powder ball bearing rounds, a map of Austin, Texas, and a possible bomb among other items.  Police also reported finding disturbing notes.One read, "Blow the switch yard" at a power facility.Another said, "Mass Evacuation."A third read, "I'll get a chance at being famous."Atlanta police said Hall told them he was part of the Aryan Knights Brotherhood." Any time you have a person walking down the streets with this kind of weaponry on them, that's cause for concern," said Atlanta Police Sgt. Curtis Davenport.Court documents show Hall is a convicted felon, so the recent convictions carry a stiffer sentence.One police report shows Hall told officers he needed the weapons for his personal protection on the streets.

Officer Shoots White Supremacist Gang Suspect

Officer Shoots White Supremacist Gang Suspect

Man out on bond for armed robbery

Updated: Thursday, 14 Apr 2011, 7:02 AM MDT
MESA, Ariz. - A Mesa police officer shot and wounded a suspect with known ties to a white supremacist gang while attempting to take him into custody.  The shooting occurred Wednesday night at a motel near Sossaman and Main Street. The Mesa gang task force was acting on information that an armed robbery suspect who had skipped out on a $25,000 bond was staying at the Broadview Motel.

Police said they talked to the 20-year-old suspect through the door and window, and he became angry, yelling he wasn't going back to jail. Officers said the suspect came outside and confronted officers and encouraged them to shoot him. When the suspect made a threatening move, an officer fired. Police said the man is expected to survive his injuries.

Another person inside the motel also had a warrant for their arrest, but that person was not injured. No officers were injured.

Hate Groups Make Global Connections

Social networking and media tools are helping even hate groups connect globally.  For example, Taylor Rose of the Liberty University chapter of the hard-right student group Youth for Western Civilization will appear at an international anti-Islamic demonstration in Germany in early May.

Youth for Western Civilization opposes multiculturalism and "political correctness" on campus.  Among its platforms is a strong anti-immigration stance and a mission to "preserve the values of Western civilization."  Founded in 2006 the group has grown to include chapters at institutions like the University of North Carolina, Washing State and Vanderbilt, among others.

The event in Germany is called the "March for Freedom" and, according to reports, organizers reached out to Rose whom they describe as a "representative of the Tea Party" and "chapter chairman of Youth for Western Civilization." 

Rose has been working hard at making international inroads for his message of intolerance.  In early April he met in Antwerp with members of the far-right Belgian political party and has been photographed with various right wing extremists in Germany.

Given the push against multiculturalism and globalization from groups like Youth for Western Civilization, it may seem a bit odd that they would reach out into other countries for support and alliance.  But for Rose, who is fluent in German and pursuing his B.A. at the Jerry Falwell founded Liberty University in international relations with a minor in strategic intelligence, these kinds of relationships must be intentional and represent a growing savviness by the hard-right of how best to spread their message of intolerance and fear.
Jerry Falwell (Liberty University) and fascist Sun Myung Moon (publisher of Washington Times, and UPI - United Press International News Wire).

Jerry Falwell and Myung Moon

Jan 28, 1995 ... Sun Myung Moon, the self-proclaimed South Korean messiah who is .... Falwell's Liberty University, Old Time Gospel Hour and Liberty Alliance ...

Liberty University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church and the Washington Times, ... Liberty University founder Jerry Falwell stated that the source of the funds ...

The Dark Side of Rev. Moon - The Consortium

Sun Myung Moon still relies on friends in Washington to help him expand his ... and how Moon's mysterious money bailed out Falwell's Liberty University. ...  

YWC--The True Right at Liberty University

After being shunned, slandered, and having our names dragged in the mud by leftist and libertarian radicals and having continually dealt with a wishy-washy administration that will neither approve nor deny YWC’s existence on LU’s campus, Liberty YWC members showed up in our YWC shirts and other classic Tea Party shirts and flags at the local Tea Party rally. Local photographers and journalists canvassed the area attempting to get story on our large group of youthful patriots.
LU journalist Melinda Zosh with the Liberty Champion, the student newspaper here at Liberty, approached many YWC members, including myself, and did a thorough, fair interview with a number of deep, thought-provoking questions.
Today when we arrived at our morning classes, scattered around LU’s campus were copies of the latest Liberty Champion on the cover of which was a large picture are YWC-Liberty members and YWC founder and president Kevin DeAnna. But our amazement did not stop there. The article was filled with the opinions of only YWC members. Why is this significant? Its significant because it shows two things: first, YWC-Liberty will not be intimidated by any group or groups of people to simply fall away and secondly, with the lack of College Republicans and College Libertarians even making an effort to be involved in the Tea Party movement, it shows that YWC is the premier right-wing force on the campus of Liberty University. We will not die, we will not fall away, we will survive and move forward and continue to be the growing force for life, liberty and property on the campus of Liberty University.

The New American Fascism and the Tea Party

Right Wing NutsCommenting on how the German working class movement could have stopped his debased regime from gaining power, Hitler once exclaimed, “Only one thing could have stopped our movement - if our adversaries had understood its principle and from the first day smashed with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement.” Today, as capitalism breaks apart, the working class is left with the historical task of organizing itself as a force. Not only against capitalism, but against a radical right-wing that will also attempt to constitute itself as an alternative to the current state of affairs.
We spend a lot of time talking about how the Left tries to control, manipulate, and contain working-class resistance and social struggles. While this of course is true, in the last few years the Right has been gaining power in massive numbers. Recently, the 'Tea-Party' has shown itself to be a major player in American politics, and presented itself as a 'grassroots' movement against big government. They've managed to promote an attack on social services and programs (budget cuts) as well as attacks on gays and immigrant workers. However, the Tea-Party is backed by multi-million dollar companies and controlled by major politicians and pundits. They support the same-old no-holds barred capitalism and authoritarian 'Christian' values that we've become so used to over the last decade under Bush. The following article is taken from Modesto Anarcho #16

by CEN

Commenting on how the German working class movement could have stopped his debased regime from gaining power, Hitler once exclaimed, “Only one thing could have stopped our movement - if our adversaries had understood its principle and from the first day smashed with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement.” Today, as capitalism breaks apart, the working class is left with the historical task of organizing itself as a force. Not only against capitalism, but against a radical right-wing that will also attempt to constitute itself as an alternative to the current state of affairs.
A storm is coming...

Today a new movement in the U.S., commonly known as the “Tea Party,” is finding its place in the back rooms of community centers, in the pews during Sunday church service, and the offices of corporate elites and business owners. And, it is time for its adversaries to respond in kind. Fascist movements, however skewed and modernized, are alive and well in present times. It is foolhardy not to take note of their mobilizing, however juvenile it may look to people aware of the issues. The Tea Party Movement is a neo-fascist movement.
The Tea Party movement has metamorphosed into more than an anti-stimulus campaign; it’s more than a couple of protests demanding no taxes. It is taking over through culture and technology and it won’t be stopped until all the gains made by the working class have been beaten back into the dustbin of history.
There are several qualities which constitute a fascist movement. They include:
• Fear, a xenophobic hatred of “the other,” and/or foreigners
• Hatred of multiculturalism
• Base of support from the middle class, yet also taking from the disillusioned working class
• Adoption of populism
• Use of left-wing slogans and rhetoric for hard-right policies
• Belief that both free-market capitalism and socialism are bad
• Belief in a supreme leader whose word is truth
• Mythology of “better times,” and how the present time should emulate the righteous past
• Merging of state and corporate power
• Extreme patriotism and nationalism
Past fascist regimes, as well as current parties throughout Europe have varied traditions and histories, but for the most part, prevailed due to a certain set of persistent conditions including: industrially-advanced economies hard hit by the recession, a discredited Left alternative, dissatis13action with an inefficient or corrupt parliamentary system, an end of consensus politics, racism provoked by “job stealing” immigrants, a respectable Right, and nostalgia for a strong state. (Source: Fascism by Stuart Hood)
What has set the Tea Party apart from just your average run-of-the-mill patriarchal, right-wing, racist political party made up of mostly bourgeois exploiters, is that the Tea Party is transformable. It includes an infinite turn-style of participants, where groups are created, formed, and then disbanded within a few months, only to crop up in the next town over whenever a scratch against undocumented workers, social programs, or gay marriage needs to be itched.
However, many people involved in the Tea Party are blatant megalomaniacs, unapologetic for their extremist views. For example: Tom Tancredo, an anti-immigration former representative and speaker at the Tea Party National Convention talking about the “cult of multiculturalism,” and how Obama is a socialist. While equating the current president with socialism has become common place, Tancredo has become one of the most outspoken critics of the administration, stating Obama was elected by “people who could not even spell the word ’vote’ or say it in English” and that Obama is “...the greatest threat to the United States today, the greatest threat to our liberty, the greatest threat to the Constitution of the United States, the greatest threat to our way of life; everything we believe in. The greatest threat to the country that our founding fathers put together is the man that’s sitting in the White House today.” He has publicly called for impeachment charges against Obama in an editorial for The Washington Times. He is the honorary chairman of the Youth for Western Civilization, a nonprofit far-Right group against multiculturalism that has ties to white supremacist organizations.

The enemy of my enemy is not
 my friend.

But beyond keeping ill company, Tea Partiers are some of the biggest liars and corporate whores around. While claiming to be grassroots, in fact the movement is heavily funded by Koch Industries, one of the world’s biggest energy corporations. This multi-billion dollar company has been working with Republican politicians and far-right activists for the last half century. It is a never-ending supply of corporate-money to throw into the machine of democratic government. Once candidates backed by Koch are in power there will be military, weapons, technology, and manufacturing contracts for the corporation’s loyalty. Its credentials and those of its founders and many of its well-known followers are widely documented by the AFL-CIO in the New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, and other publications.
Yet most of its “regular folk” followers turn a blind eye to the fuel that created the fire, because acknowledging Koch Industries and other corporations’ cooperation would discredit its stance as being born out of a grassroots anger for the current state of American politics. No one wants to side with corporations, and most Tea Party followers like any wily bitch, will bite the hand that feeds them.
The Tea Party also twists its own projected image of the working class to bolster its stance as an “everyman’s party.” It places “the worker” as an idealized, independent, courageous individual with an explorer’s mentality and family values at its core. It makes the lowly, God-fearing farmer, circa 1785 with his shotgun, wife and seven children its hero. The Tea Party movement encourages stratification between the “hard working, countryside” population, and the “decadent, urban” population, believing the latter will eventually kill itself through its deviant lifestyle.
The Tea Party gathers most of its support from middle America and rural areas, where supporters see the movement as representing “real America,” and those who do not believe are not patriotic or in line with the causes of “freedom,” and “justice.” The movement reaches out to a specific group of people, mostly lower-middle-class working folks who feel disenfranchised, but excludes workers such as undocumented laborers, intellectuals, and anyone who belongs to a minority category not in line with Tea Party values.
The Tea Party is a collection of groups whose membership is made up of anywhere from a few people to a thousand. What keeps these groups weak is that the connections that exist between them are often vague and disorganized. The biggest of these remain at the top, out of focus, funneling money no doubt, but without a direct battle plan.
Extremists such as Tea Partier Rand Paul (R-Ky.) oppose abortion even in cases of incest and rape. It’s going to be an uphill battle to include birth control as preventive care that should be covered under the new health-care bill. And it doesn’t end within the government’s arbitrary borders. According to Jodi Jacobsen, Editor-in-Chief of the Reproductive Health Reality Check website, “We will see almost immediately a range of efforts to focus on restricting reproductive and sexual health and rights. They will try to pass a law codifying a global gag rule, try to reinforce and strengthen abstinence-only until marriage funding in U.S. global AIDS funding.”

Destroy the Right.

A cornerstone of a fascist regime is herding women into traditional roles, as wife and mother, rearing large families and being homemakers, with no voice for family planning and no chance for sexual freedom. After the election The Tea Party movement has been put on the back burner in most traditional media outlets, but it’s still there, slowly simmering, much like its European counterparts, gathering its base of supporters, fine-tuning its dogma, and waiting.
In April of last year, Noam Chomsky was giving a speech on both major U.S. political parties kneeling to the demands of corporations, but digressed to make a fearful prediction about the Tea Party movement. He stated, “’I’m just old enough to have heard a number of Hitler’s speeches on the radio, and I have a memory of the texture and the tone of the cheering mobs, and I have the dread sense of the dark clouds of fascism gathering.”
What to do about Tea baggers in your community:
Tea baggers love to set up shop at community and traditionally “patriotic” events such as regional and county fairs, parades, and local farmers markets. Shut them down, counter-demonstrate, and do not allow them to operate in public.
Many tea baggers make a point of writing daily to their local newspaper just to spew their misguided views on society, many of which get published in the opinion pages; most go unanswered. But go one step further: Create your own media to combat what the tea baggers are saying in your community. Put posters, stickers, and signage in high traffic areas.
Act in solidarity when tea baggers attack the homeless, undocumented workers, or women’s services and abortion clinics. Cross the barriers placed upon the various sections of the exploited by capitalism and build counter-power.
Fight The Tea Party!

White Supremacist yesterday's FBI raids pleads not guilty in federal court

Suspect in yesterday's FBI raids pleads not guilty in federal court

WHITMAN COUNTY, Wash. -- A man with ties to white supremacy groups was arrested Wednesday while FBI agents raided two of his properties near Pullman, Wash. Jeremiah Hop pleaded not guilty in federal court Thursday morning to gun possession charges.

Agents raided a trailer in Pullman and a barn in Colton. People watched the arrest of Jeremiah Hop in the parking lot of a Pullman restaurant.

Hop was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm. He is also a convicted child rapist and linked to white supremacist groups. He wrote on a Neo-Nazi website called Stormfront using the screen name White Phoenix. He references targeting Coeur d'Alene taco shops which police have been investigating for months.

Pullman police are also connecting Hop to a string of burglaries in that area.

"When we came in earlier with them we saw that they believe to be several pieces of possible stolen property from different burglaries from the last three months to three years," said Pullman Detective Sergeant Dan Hargraves.

Agents took a computer and two rifles from a barn in Colton. Pullman police seized more than 20 items from the trailer. Hop is expected to be in a Spokane federal courtroom Thursday morning.

Agents say the case is on-going but is not related to the Downtown Spokane MLK parade bombing attempt.

FBI: WA man with racist ties arrested on gun count

The FBI says a Washington man with racist ties has been arrested on a federal gun charge. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, FBI office supervisor Don Robinson said Jeremiah Daniel Hop was arrested Wednesday. A grand jury indicted the man on a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Pullman Man Enters Plea On Fed Weapons Charge

While additional federal charges might be on the horizon, Hop could be facing charges from the Pullman Police. Following the federal search of his properties, the Pullman Police Department executed two additional search warrants on his trailer and barn.

Pullman police had accompanied federal agents on the initial search of the property and observed what they thought was stolen property. Once the federal agents were done with their search, Pullman police secured additional warrants for a search to seize stolen property.Pullman Police Sergeant Dan Hargraves said Thursday morning that officers recovered more than 20 stolen items, mostly tools and electronics, that totaled more than $5,000 in value. Sergeant Hargraves said the stolen goods came from a residential burglary in January and a commercial burglary a year and a half ago.Hargraves said the police department would be requesting felony charges against Hop regarding the stolen property.


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Mitt Romney camp pushes back at Romneycare 'celebrations'

Mitt Romney's camp is pushing back on the early-state "celebrations" highlighting the Tuesday anniversary of his Massachusetts health care law with mock birthday displays, saying it shows Democrats are sitting back and "eating cake" instead of solving problems

Apr. 11, 2011 - 1:34 PM EST

Whatever these Repigs call that stuff that they were eating while sticking their Big Fat Govt Noses up stranger women's dresses last week in the fight over gynecological health exams at women's healthcare Planned Parenthood clinics, that stuff comes out of David Koch's bum.

Where in the constitution does it say that one out of many billionaires gets to decide everything in America? Who elected the many-times convicted Koch Industries boss anyway? It's not just the $55,000,000 CRIMINAL FINE that Koch Industries got from the Federal Cops for polluting six American states (google it), no wonder the Koch Tea Party wants federal EPA cops taken off the beat, but also the $1,500,000 fine for stealing oil from Oklahoma Indian Reservations (google it). Then there's the $293,000,000 that a jury of people like you awarded the survivors of Koch-killed Danielle Dawn Smalley (google it). Even David Koch's own twin-brother calls Koch Industries "Organized Crime: on national TV (google it).

What kind of cake are you eating, and who is baking that stinking fudge, re-piggies?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

More proof Nazi Tea Party Militia is KKK White Supremacists

Cops Say School Janitor Is Hitler Loving, Gun Packing KKK Member

News One - Casey Gane-McCalla - ‎Apr 5, 2011‎
Suffolk County police detectives said they found an Aryan coloring book among the assault rifles, bayonets, swords, nunchakus, ammunition, Nazi flags and a full KKK gown and hood he kept in his bedroom. “He admitted to us that he is a member of the Ku ...


Monday, May 26th 2003, 7:07AM

A Long Island elementary school janitor has been exposed as a hood-wearing, Hitler-loving klansman who kept an arsenal of guns and hate literature and practiced cross burning in upstate New York, authorities said yesterday.

Joseph Donato Jr., 34, of West Islip, was charged yesterday with weapon possession.

He was arrested Friday at John Quincy Adams Elementary School in Deer Park, L.I., where he works as a $30,000-a-year janitor on the 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. shift.

Cops said they were investigating the extent of Donato's involvement with the KKK - including whether he tried to recruit children to the white supremacist group.

Suffolk County police detectives said they found an Aryan coloring book among the assault rifles, bayonets, swords, nunchakus, ammunition, Nazi flags and a full KKK gown and hood he kept in his bedroom.

"He admitted to us that he is a member of the Ku Klux Klan," said Detective Lt. James Burke of the Suffolk County district attorney's squad, adding that Donato kept a photo of Adolf Hitler on his bedroom wall.

"He further admitted that he has the position of 'County Klester,' which is a position in which he performs security at [KKK] meetings," Burke said.

Donato was hit with two misdemeanors for possessing a pair of handguns he didn't have a license for, although Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota said federal officials are investigating and there could be more charges.

Donato was released last night after his 70-year-old father, with whom he lives on Bay Shore Ave. in West Islip, posted $2,500 bail.

"It's pretty disturbing," said one of Donato's neighbors, John Scheid.

"You never even think that something like that would happen in your neighborhood, but there are extremists wherever you go," Scheid added.

Burke said Donato said his hatred of other races stemmed from his childhood in Queens.

"As a young person he felt as though he was being picked on by African-Americans, and he felt scared of them," Burke said.

Hutaree Michigan Militia Pals Have Picnic

Militia's family field day is more than just fun and games

Last Updated: April 09. 2011 2:32PM

Brighton — Members of the Michigan Militia, an 18-year-old all-volunteer armed force established to protect the rights of citizens, gathered today for a family picnic and an opportunity to openly carry their weapons.

Lee Miracle, organizer of today's Militia Field Day at Island Lake Park, sported a Glock 17, a semiautomatic pistol, in a holster on his right hip as he chatted with picnickers. It's every American's right to bear arms, Miracle said.

"This (event) is our touch-base once a year. It's fun," he said.

The group meets throughout the year for preparedness training, he added.

"We help our fellow citizens deter crime, invasion, terrorism and tyranny, and prepare for disaster," he said.

Men dressed in camouflage uniforms and a few women laughed and talked as hot dogs and burgers sizzled on the grill. A few participants headed for the shooting range to begin practice drills and contests, including one for children. Other sessions included a water bottle toss and war cry competition.

Missing in action

Anchorage Press - ‎Mar 23, 2011‎
But most Alaskans aren't part of the conversation at Alaska Citizen's Militia forum, where characters such as William "DropZone Bill" Fulton and Norm Olson (the Michigan Militia founder who now lives near Kenai) post their weapons and survival-related ...

Wayne County Militia Field Reports Archives - Michigan Militia

MILITIA FIELD DAY AND TEA PARTY: APRIL 2009 ... The Wayne County Michigan ...

Michigan Militia To Have “Open Gun Carry” Tea Party « Alan Colmes ...

Apr 5, 2010 ... “Show, shoot, shout, then sip some tea with us,” is the motto of this weekend's open carry tea party sponsored by the Michigan Militia. ...

Michigan "Hutaree" militia group had Tea Party connections

Mar 29, 2010 ... Update: CNN has apparently altered their original video to omit a screenshot of an invitation to a Hutaree Tea Party.

... And oh, by the way, at (Koch-Funded) Tea Party Patriots: Official Home of the American Tea Party Movement, this was the headline that immediately went up after the first bulletins about the militia raids were posted:

That's right, some Tea Party leaders instinctively tagged the Hutaree compound as one of their own as it came under attack from federal law enforcement officials. And can you blame them? Today's right-wing, Obama-hating rhetoric -- as amplified by Glenn Beck and much of the GOP Noise Machine -- is indistinguishable from the militia message.



Priest charged in child sex case ordered to trial

Sify --A Southern California priest has been ordered to stand trial on felony charges he had sex with a 12-year-old boy. A San Bernardino County judge ruled after a preliminary hearing on Tuesday that there was enough evidence to try the Rev. ...

Pastor arrested in Highland Village

Graham Leader, ‎Apr 8, 2011‎ -- Owen Deane Davis was behind bars Wednesday night when he was arrested by the Highland Village police on a Young County district court warrant.
Davis, the former vicar at Faith Lutheran Church, was arrested on a warrant alleging he sexually assaulted a woman at his Graham home on Spivey Hill.
Davis posted a $50,000 bond Thursday and was released from custody.
The Rev. Ron Halamka, interim pastor at Faith Lutheran, said Davis left the church in January when he took a leave of absence after being interviewed by the Texas Ranger as part of the investigation into the case...

Fake Priest Sentenced

WLNS - ‎Apr 8, 2011‎
A Jackson man who pretended to be a priest and stole money from a collection basket is sentenced to prison. According to the Jackson Citizen Patriot, 52 year old Alan Fiddler will spend at least four years behind bars for stealing money from Saint ...

Priest charged in child sex case ordered to trial

Lake Wylie Pilot - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎ --A Southern California priest has been ordered to stand trial on felony charges he had sex with a 12-year-old boy. A San Bernardino County judge ruled after a preliminary hearing on Tuesday that there was enough evidence to try the Rev. ...

Family stands by pastor charged with child pornography

WMC-TV - Daniel Hight - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎ --The family of a Hernando pastor charged with possession of child pornography is standing by him. "We would like to take this opportunity to thank our dad for his unconditional love and support throughout our life," ...

Police: Texas pastor paid men $1300 to kill wife

Sify - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎ --A Texas pastor charged in the shooting death of his wife paid two men $1300 to kill the third-grade teacher after telling an alleged middleman that "someone was in his way," authorities said in court documents released Monday. Julio Cesar Perez, 40, ...

June trial for priest accused of stealing $400000 - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎ -- A judge has set a June trial date for a former Catholic priest charged with stealing more than $400000 from his former church, in part to feed a gambling addiction. The Daily Herald reports that DuPage County Judge John ...

Priest charged with stealing from charity fund

WNCT - ‎Apr 7, 2011 -- A priest in Hudson, Wis., has been charged with stealing money from a church fund for the needy. Officials at St. Patrick Catholic Church told investigators that nearly $11000 was missing from a charity account used to help people in times of ...

Ex-Superior priest faces theft charge

Duluth News Tribune - Chuck Rupnow - ‎Apr 6, 2011‎
A former Superior Diocese priest was charged this week in St. Croix County Court with felony theft after allegations that he stole money from a Hudson, Wis., church account used to help needy families. A former Superior Diocese priest was charged this ...

Family supports Eddie Prince

Memphis Commercial Appeal - Yolanda Jones - ‎Apr 6, 2011‎
Family members of Eddie Prince, the longtime Hernando pastor arrested and charged with viewing and downloading child pornography on a public library computer, said Wednesday that they still love and support him. ...

Priest charged in child sex case ordered to trial

North County Times - ‎Apr 6, 2011‎
SAN BERNARDINO -- A Southern California priest has been ordered to stand trial on felony charges he had sex with a 12-year-old boy. A San Bernardino County judge ruled after a preliminary hearing on Tuesday that there was enough evidence to try the Rev ...

Pastor charged, held on $1M bond

Enid News & Eagle - Kasey Fowler - ‎Apr 6, 2011‎
By Kasey Fowler, Staff Writer Enid News and Eagle FAIRVIEW — A Fairview pastor's $1 million bond was continued Wednesday following his initial court appearance on nine sex-related charges. Tommy Joe Pitts, 51, pastor of Midway Assembly of God Church, ...

Former NB priest faces 2 new sex charges - ‎Apr 6, 2011‎
A retired Roman Catholic priest convicted of sex-related offences involving boys in New Brunswick was back in court Wednesday to face new charges. Levi Noel, who worked on the province's Acadian Peninsula for 30 years, appeared before a judge in ...

Elderly Priest Arrested After Pursuit - Luke Funk - ‎Apr 6, 2011‎
COM - An elderly priest was arrested after a pursuit involving the New York State Police. It happened Monday in eastern New York. Police say Father Francis G. McCloskey, 71, of Cairo was in a stolen ca

Pastor charged with viewing child porn at library

Associated Baptist Press - ‎Apr 5, 2011‎
(ABP) -- A long-time Southern Baptist pastor was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography after he was caught viewing inappropriate images while web surfing in a public library. Edward Earl “Eddie” Prince, 63, pastor of Oak Grove ...

Fairview minister arrested on molestation charges

Enid News & Eagle - Kasey Fowler - ‎Apr 4, 2011‎
By Kasey Fowler, Staff Writer Enid News and Eagle A Fairview minister is being held on a bail of $1 million for 70 counts related to the alleged molestation of three children between the ages of 6 and 12. Tommy Pitts, 51, the pastor of Midway Assembly ...
Fairview Pastor Held On $1 Million Bond, Accused Of Molesting Adopted Daughters KWTV

Suspected gunman arrested in pastor's wife slaying

Fox News - ‎Apr 5, 2011‎
Perez leads a small-town church called Manantial de Vida in nearby San Benito. Police arrested the pastor and church member 20-year-old Gabriel Apolinar Escalante at the weekend and charged them with capital murder.
Murdered Teacher's Husband Arrested For Killing KRGV

Montgomery County youth pastor sentenced for statutory rape

Clarksville Leaf Chronicle - ‎Apr 6, 2011‎
A former pastor who pleaded guilty to statutory rape of a 17-year-old girl in his youth group was sentenced Monday to two years on a post-trial diversion. Jonathan Tyler Giles, 26, pleaded guilty to two amended charges of statutory rape and one count ...

Trial date set for local pastor charged with sexual conduct with a child

News 10NBC - ‎Apr 5, 2011‎
Joe Flowers Junior is charged with course of sexual conduct. The pastor of the Walk of Life Christian Center is out of custody. Prosecutors say he molested an 11-year-old boy over a three year period. Judge James Piampiano ruled on several motions ...
Judge refuses to dismiss sex charge against Rochester-area pastor Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Madison priest charged with fondling teen

Chicago Tribune - ‎Mar 30, 2011‎
AP A Madison priest who has removed from public life in 1999 is now charged with the sexual assault of a teenage girl in Stevens Point and at her Monona home in 2003 and 2004. The Wisconsin State Journal reports a criminal complaint filed Wednesday in ...
Madison priest suspended since '99 charged with molesting teen in 2004 Milwaukee Journal

Priest sentenced for assaulting masseuse

Sydney Morning Herald - Sarah Malik - ‎Apr 5, 2011‎
A priest kept his victim in terror as he held her in a bedroom, slapped her and told her he was going to rape her. The 36-year-old priest, who cannot be identified, has been sentenced to two and a half years' jail for kidnapping, assaulting and ...

Ex-Pastor Charged With Stealing $25000 In Church Funds - William Demarest - ‎Apr 1, 2011‎
Former leader of St. Gregory Barbarigo Church arrested after probe of church finances; money, some used for online gambling, has been repaid. By William Demarest | Email the author | 3:13pm The former pastor of a Rockland County Roman Catholic Church ...
Pastor Accused of Stealing from Parish

Former Roy pastor sentenced to prison for rape

Deseret News - Emiley Morgan - ‎Mar 30, 2011‎
OGDEN — A former Roy pastor who admitted to having a sexual relationship with a teenage girl in his congregation was sentenced to prison Wednesday. Aaron Witcher, 38, was ordered to serve two terms of five years to life ...
Youth pastor sentenced for two counts of rape Salt Lake Tribune

Former Tulsa Minister Arrested For Child Sex Crimes

KOKI FOX 23 - Abbie Alford - ‎Apr 1, 2011‎
Reverend Brookfield, a former pastor at Tulsa 's New Hope Baptist Church is accused of sexually abusing a girl beginning when she was as young as seven years old. Police say she is not a church member. "To our knowledge there are not victims at the ...
Former Tulsa Pastor Charged With Seven Counts Of Child Sexual Abuse News On 6

Youth minister sentenced to 15 years

Danville Commercial News - Brian L. Huchel - ‎Apr 1, 2011‎
Assistant State's Attorney Chuck Mockbee said Thomas, per the plea agreement, was sentenced to 15 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections on a charge of criminal sexual assault — the original Class 1 felony offense that was filed against him. ...
Former minister pleads guilty to sex crime Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette

Pella Pastor Charged With Sexual Abuse

WOI - Lisa Martone - ‎Mar 25, 2011‎
A 41-year old man serving as a pastor at a Pella church has been arrested and charged with sexual abuse and exploitation. Patrick Edouard was a pastor at the Covenant Reformed Church in Pella. According to court papers filed on ...
Former pastor arrested Journal Express
Grand Rapids resident arrested on charges of sexual assault out of Iowa WWMT

Pastor Pleads Guilty To Underage Rape Charges

NY1 - ‎Apr 4, 2011‎
A Manhattan youth minister charged with raping and sexually abusing five girls has pleaded guilty. Prosecutors say Jeremy Fulton met four of the victims through his work at Mariners' Temple Baptist Church in Lower Manhattan, where he helped run ...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Koch Industries two bossmen-owners Charles & David Koch created the Tea Party.

Koch Industries two bossmen-owners Charles & David Koch created the Tea Party. David is a twin, and his twin brother has called him and Koch Industries "Organized Crime" on CBS TV without getting sued for slander. Well with over $55,000,000 in CRIMINAL FINES for polluting six states water, air and soil, you can call Koch Industries "Organized Crime", not to mention the $293,000,000 jury award to the parents of Danielle Dawn Smalley for her being killed by Koch negligence while the brothers played politics.

In 2004 David Koch had to hide the Citizen's for a Sound Economy because the heat was on exposing their partnership in the RICO Tobacco Racketeering conviction of seven major tobacco organized crime operations. CSE was merged with dying Jack Kemp's "Empower America" mailing list and resurrected as "Freedomworks". The Marlboro Man in the Stetson hat at CSE was Dick Armey, former Republican congress leader from Texas who oversaw CSE's tobacco propaganda efforts, while KKK-hero Tom Posey (of Civilian Military Assistance fame) was treasurer of CSE, at the time that CSE morphed into Freedomworks.

Freedomworks owns the LOGO graphic of the Tea Party Patriots, and owns the trademark f the Tea Party Patriots, according to front-spokesperson Amy Kremer.

Freedomworks owned and controlled the stage for Rupert Murdock's 9-12 DC project fronted by Foxman Glenn Beck. Koch brothers and Murdock worked together at least from the time that Phillip Morris Tobacco Company Board member Murdoch was also sitting on the Board of Directors of Cato Institute sitting side-by-side with board member David Koch planning Cato propaganda operations for the Tobacco Mafia since convicted in federal court for RICO racketeering. The Marlboro Men Rupert Murdoch and David Koch carried out the Tea Party scam using Fox Newz to cover every whistlestop of the Tea Party Express bus tour cross country with small rallies of CSE-Empower-America email list members exhorted to show up for TV camera facetime at these stops. The OILMEN Koch's run a fleet of buses, from Hot Air anti-global-warming, to hand's off my healthcare, to Tea Party troops bused to rallies. They also run a fleet of websites, over 400 different ones from one server at the Koch-Americans for Koch-Prosperity offices.

Friday, April 1, 2011



Minister | Priest | Pastor Arrested | Charged | Convicted | Sentenced
This reads to google NEWS search engine: Minister OR Priest OR Pastor Arrested OR Charged OR Convicted OR Sentenced

Save this above link as saved page and click it every day to see how evil THEY are.

Police: Pastor arrested for paying for sex
Dayton Daily News
A Miamisburg clergyman was arrested Tuesday evening in Dayton after he allegedly paid a prostitute $20 for oral sex. John Naylor, 65, is the pastor for visitation and senior adults at the First Church ...

Pastor's RICO Case Heading To Higher Court
WSB Atlanta
A Cobb County minister charged with preying on victims about to lose their homes learned Wednesday his case is heading to a higher court. A judge found probable cause to send Michael Surgent's "RICO" case to superior court, even though his lawyer ...

Molestation charges filed against former San Clemente youth pastor
Los Angeles Daily News
SANTA ANA -- A former San Clemente youth pastor has been charged with molesting a female parishioner, beginning when she was 14 years old, Orange County prosecutors said today. Joe David Nelms, 47, was a youth pastor at Pacific Coast Church in San ...

Upstate Pastor Charged With Sex Crime
News Channel 7
The Union County Sheriff Says He's Unsure If There Are More Victims
Deputies on Tuesday arrested a former associate pastor of a popular Union County church and charged him with second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor. Stephen Douglas Berry, 38, of Jonesville, was associate pastor at New Life ...

Local Youth Minister Charged with Two Counts Statutory Rape
Decatur County Chronicle
Anthony Dale Newton, 51, a former youth pastor at the H2O Church in Lexington, Tennessee, was arrested on March 16th, 2011 by the Decatur County Sheriff Department and charged with Aggravated Statutory Rape by an Authority Figure. ...

Former Va. Beach pastor charged with fraud, embezzlement
The Virginian-Pilot
Lamont Duane Brown, 45, of Suffolk, charged with embezzlement, identity theft, credit card fraud and writing bad checks. By Kathy Adams Police have charged the former pastor of a local Baptist church with fraud and embezzlement after representatives ...

Michael Clare, Bronx pastor charged with raping, impregnating 12-year-old girl, rejects plea deal
New York Daily News
A Bronx pastor charged with raping a 12-year-old girl from his flock turned down a "sweetheart" plea deal that came with three years in prison. Michael Clare, 38, refused the offer from prosecutors, despite "almost irrefutable proof" he impregnated the ...

E.Pa. priest charged with assaulting boy, 14
NECN - 16 minutes ago
MONTROSE, Pa. (AP) — A priest is facing charges of having inappropriate sexual contact with an eastern Pennsylvania teen. The Rev. Phillip Ferrara surrendered to state police on Friday. The 48-year-old Eastern Rite Catholic priest is charged with ...

Little Meadows Priest Arrest
WBGH - 31 minutes ago
A Little Meadows, Pennsylvania priest has been arrested for alleged sexual contact with a teenage boy. PA State Police say the incident occurred last November at the Our Lady of Solitude Retreat Center in Little Meadows. ...

PA Priest Accused of Sexual Contact
WBNG-TV - 1 hour ago
Middletown Twp., PA (WBNG Binghamton) A man trusted for spiritual guidance is accused of taking advantage of that trust. The priest from Susuqehanna County is said to have forced a fourteen year old boy to touch him. ...

Little Meadows Man Arrested For Sexually Abusing Boy
WBNG-TV - 6 hours ago
Montrose, PA (WBNG Binghamton) A Little Meadows priest is under arrest for having sexual contact with a young boy. Pennsylvania state police say Phillip Ferrara, 48, of Little Meadows asked a 14 year old boy to massage Ferrara's private ...
Karl Rove is keynote speaker at Energy Museum fundraiser
BEAUMONT - Hundreds of people attended a big fundraiser in Beaumont featuring George W. Bush's former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff. Karl Rove was the keynote speaker at Thursday night's Energy Museum Blowout 2011 at the Civic Center. Former first lady Laura Bush was last year's keynote speaker at the event. There is no reports if Killer Koch Brother David H. Koch or Charles Koch of Koch Industries was present to give him more millions of ENERGY dollars.

Who is the Tea Party really?
The Guardian, Feb 25, 2011?
Big money has co-opted conservative activists for its agenda, but scratch the surface and it's the religious right that rears up
This impression is only solidified by the fact that among the big money players in the conservative movement right now is (likely atheist) Karl Rove with his group American Crossroads, while the deepest pockets behind Tea Party groups such as Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks and Citizens for a Sound Economy belong to the Koch brothers, who are radical libertarians who don't seem to care much one way or another about traditional social conservatism. So blinded by these big money groups, mainstream media continues to push the narrative that Tea Partiers don't care about social issues, and even that Republicans who hammer on about social issues will take an electoral hit.

It must have been quite a surprise, then, to have the new Republican-dominated House of Representatives, which rode in on a sea of Tea Party energy and funding, to immediately put most of their efforts into controlling the uteruses of America, through a series of bills that would defund Planned Parenthood, end all private insurance funding for abortion, and even allow doctors to refuse to save the lives of pregnant women if doing so would require performing an abortion.

Where's the "small government" and "fiscal conservatism" in that?
David Koch, founder of Americans for Prosperity. Photograph:

Lying cheats, and those who elect them
Pekin Daily Times
Time was, someone like Newt Gingrich — a twice-divorced man on his third marriage and a confessed adulterer — would not seriously weigh a run for the White House. Back in the day, divorce and adultery were career-ending scandals for ...

Fly of Newt: Gingrich Blames Adultery on Patriotism
Big Think
If Gingrich was consumed with ardor for our country, you'd think he would have been caught humping one of our nation's scenic geological formations. Update: I think I figured out how Newt's passion for America caused affairs with women. ...

Ten Observations About Newt Gingrich's Adultery Rationale
Vanity Fair
In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network this week, Newt Gingrich blamed his history of philandering on patriotism: “There's no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, ...

Newt Gingrich's Patriotism Is To Blame for His Past Adultery
Newt Gingrich has come up with a brilliant excuse to explain away his philandering ways, patriotism. The politician sat down with the Christian Broadcasting Network to help explain why he cheated on his wifes in the past. He claims his passion for his ...

Newt Gingrich Blames Passion For America For His Many Affairs
"Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, married three times and a self-admitted adulterer, says he screwed around because of his passion for America. `There`s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I ...

Newt Gingrich Cheated on His Wives for America
New York Magazine
If Newt Gingrich runs for president, as he's expected to do, he won't be the only candidate in the Republican primary field with three marriages under his belt. Buddy Roemer, the former Louisiana governor who has already formed an exploratory committee, shares that distinction, as does Donald Trump, who claims he may run. But Gingrich has an extra burden in his efforts to explain his marital history to socially conservative primary voters. Gingrich didn't just get divorced, he also cheated on both of his first two wives. And furthermore, he left both of them when they were sick.

Priest arrested in sex with boy, 14
SARASOTA, Fla., March 18 (UPI) -- A priest and former Catholic school official was arrested in Florida on sexual battery charges involving a 14-year-old boy, authorities said. The Rev. William Wert, 54, was arrested Feb. 1 after the boy told police ...

Lexington pastor charged with statutory rape of 16 year old girl out on bond
Jackson Sun
Anthony Dale Newton, a former pastor of a Lexington church, will appear in court Monday morning, when he will face charges of aggravated statutory rape and sexual battery by an authority figure. Newton was released from jail after paying a $20000 bond, ...

Richmond pastor, family arrested after refusing to leave foreclosed church
San Jose Mercury News
(Dean Coppola/Staff) Sheriff's deputies led a pastor out of his Richmond church in handcuffs Thursday afternoon after he refused to obey a court-ordered eviction notice. Pastor Sidney Keys, his wife Patrice and his elderly mother all went to jail from ...

Former Joliet Catholic priest again charged with sexual abuse
Chicago Sun-Times
A priest who was once the assistant principal at Joliet Catholic High School has been arrested on sex abuse charges for the second time. The Rev. William C. Wert was arrested Feb. 1 after a 14-year-old boy told police Wert had engaged in a sexual ...

Former minister convicted of producing child porn
Shelby Star - ?6 hours ago?
AP ASHEVILLE (AP) — A former music minister at an Asheville church has been sentenced to 28 years in federal prison after he pleaded guilty to producing child pornography. Thirty-one-year-old Paul Lawrence Berrell was sentenced in US District Court in ...

Neighbors said they can't believe they live next to a "pastor" charged with murder
WCBD - Rebecca Ryan - ?17 hours ago?
People living along Wellington Drive in James Island said Art Peterson is a great neighbor, father, husband and man of God, though they weren't sure if he's actually a pastor of a particular church. He was visiting a crippled woman in ...

Judge sets motion hearing in corruption investigation of Rep. Terrill, former ...
The Republic - ?1 hour ago?
Terrill, a Republican, is charged with offering Leftwich, a Democrat, an $80000-a-year state job in exchange for her not running for re-election to clear the way for a Republican to run for the Oklahoma City seat she held. Leftwich is charged with ...

Charged official leaves county post - ?8 hours ago?
Meanwhile, political fallout from the charges struck Republican Commissioner Charley Martin, who in turn attempted to put Democratic Commissioner Diane Marseglia on the defensive.

Political Circus: Hell hath no fury like a senator's wife scorned
CNN International - Ed Hornick - ?Mar 15, 2011?
Wisconsin state Sen. Randy Hopper, a Republican from Fond du Lac, is not only facing backlash from constituents angry over his support for Gov. Scott Walker's union busting bill -- but from his wife. According to, ...

Wis. GOP State Senator's Wife: He Had An Affair, 'Now Lives Mostly In Madison'
TPMDC - Eric Kleefeld - ?Mar 15, 2011?
As Wisconsin Democrats mobilize recall campaigns against Republican state Senators, in response to Gov. Scott Walker's newly-passed law curtailing public employee unions, one targeted GOP legislator is facing a negative side story: A messy divorce ...

SC Lt. Gov. Ard charged with 92 ethics violations - John O'Connor - ?6 hours ago?
State ethics investigators have charged Lt. Gov. Ken Ard, a Florence Republican, with 69 counts of spending campaign money for his personal use and 23 counts of failing to disclose campaign expenses. Ard, who took office in November, has been under scrutiny ...

North Charleston minister accused of practicing law without a license
Charleston Post Courier - Schuyler Kropf - ?1 hour ago?
For the past several months, defense attorneys in Charleston County reported hearing instances of a mysterious clergyman acting as a legal adviser, telling defendants he had a better strategy for their case. ... | Charleston, SC | Police arrest minister ...
Live 5 News - ?2 hours ago?
Health News from AP NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Authorities have arrested a 63-year-old minister accused of giving criminal suspects legal advice without actually having a license to practice law. The North Charleston Police Department arrested David ...

North Charleston minister arrested
ABC NEWS 4 - ?2 hours ago?
NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) -- A minister has been arrested on charges of forgery and bank fraud. He is also accused of practicing law without a license. David L. Mitchell, 63, was arrested on Tuesday night. He is listed online as the chief apostle and ...

The Caucus: Ex-Aide Calls for Ensign to Resign From the Senate Right Now
New York Times (blog) - Eric Lipton - ?Mar 9, 2011?
Senator John Ensign's announcement this week that he is retiring has brought little solace to his chief accuser, Doug Hampton, the husband of Mr. Ensign's former mistress. Mr. Hampton, breaking a long period of public silence as the ...

Husband of Ensign's ex-lover calls for resignation
The Associated Press - ?Mar 9, 2011?
LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Nevada man whose wife had a monthslong affair with Sen. John Ensign says the Republican should immediately resign to shield the family from an ongoing ethics investigation stemming from the extramarital relationship. ...

`Gift' of $96000 Can't Buy Silence on Sin: Margaret Carlson
Bloomberg - Margaret Carlson - ?Mar 8, 2011?
In politicians, the spontaneity gene is recessive. Vestigial traces are squelched by high-priced consultants. Watch “Meet the Press” any Sunday morning and promise to drink at every unscripted comment. ...

Orange County pastor convicted of molesting 14-year-old parishoner
Los Angeles Times - ?2 hours ago?
A former pastor of the Apostolic Christian Church in San Clemente was convicted Monday of molesting a 14-year-old girl who had been volunteering in the church office, the Orange County district attorney's office announced. Ricardo Avalos Maffey, 44, ...

Pastor guilty of molesting 14-year-old
OCRegister - Vik Jolly, Greg Hardesty - ?2 hours ago?
SANTA ANA – A jury Monday found a San Clemente church pastor guilty of molesting a 14-year-old girl and sending her sexual e-mails. Ricardo Avalos Maffey, 44, was convicted of five felony charges of lewd conduct with a ...

Pastor Convicted Of Molesting 14-Year-Old Girl
San Clemente Times - ?3 hours ago?
A Protestant pastor of the Apostolic Christian Church in San Clemente was convicted today of molesting a 14-year-old female parishioner that he met through his job. Ricardo Avalos Maffey, 44, Santa Ana, was found guilty by a jury of five felony counts ...

Albany pastor arrested for luring 14-year-old girl
KOIN Local 6 - Kyle Mallory - ?1 hour ago?
An Albany youth pastor was arrested Friday evening for luring a minor, the Albany Police Department reports. Sean Feltman, 24, is a youth pastor at the Willamette Community Church in Albany, and was taken into custody Friday following a grand jury ..

Arizona minister charged in $5.5M fraud - ?5 hours ago?
The Rogerses and Shannon, who were arrested Tuesday, pleaded not guilty. The Republic found in a 2009 investigation that the Rogerses bought 26 homes in less than two years -- and nearly all of them went into foreclosure.

Bethlehem minister convicted in 2009 purse snatching
The Express Times - - Sarah Cassi - ?Mar 9, 2011?
A Bethlehem minister was convicted today of snatching the purse of a 16-year-old girl in 2009, following a two-day trial. The Northampton County jury of seven women and five men deliberated for about three hours ...

Grant Storms Arrested: Anti-Gay Christian Pastor Charged Over Public Masturbation
Huffington Post - ?Mar 1, 2011?
Grant Storms, a renowned anti-gay Christian pastor from Louisiana, was arrested last week for masturbating at a public park, in the vicinity of a carousel and playground where children were present. According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, ...
Local pastor charged with masturbating in park WWL First News
Anti-gay New Orleans pastor charged with sex offense at public park Orlando Sentinel (blog)
Pastor Accused Of Public Masturbation WDSU New Orleans

Priest Victim Speaks Out
WTEN - ?4 hours ago?
One of the victims of the disgraced priest Gary Mercure is telling his side of the story. The victim is set to speak this afternoon at the Crowne Plaza in Albany. Mercure was sentenced to 20-25 years in prison for sexually abusing two Queensbury altar ...

Pastor pleads guilty to sexual assault
The Voice - Merissa Richards - ?5 hours ago?
The pastor who is married with children will be sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court in South London on a date yet to be confirmed. Police said he admitted to officers that he had been 'battling' with his sexuality for years. Police said the assaults took ...

Delco priests among 21 placed on leave by archdiocese (With Video)
Delaware County Daily Times - Patti Mengers - ?10 hours ago?
Paul Castellani was temporarily removed as pastor of St. Philomena Church in Lansdowne and the Rev. Msgr. John Close was temporarily removed as pastor of St. Katharine of Siena Church in the Wayne section of Radnor. The Rev. Mark Gaspar was temporarily ...

Philadelphia Cardinal's Apology Not Enough, Advocates Say
AOL News - ?11 hours ago?
Last month, the district attorney's office charged two priests, a former priest and a Catholic school teacher with raping boys in the 1990s. In his homily, Rigali acknowledged "the grave sins of sexual abuse committed against minors, in particular by ...

Four county priests among those put on leave (Updated 9:05 pm)
Daily Local News - Eric S. Smith - ?11 hours ago?
Monsignor Joseph Marino, pastor at Our Lady of Assumption in Tredyffrin, told the congregation during Mass on Wednesday that Father Daniel Hoy has been placed on leave. Officials at St. Isaac Jogues in Tredyffrin confirmed during Mass that Father ...

Mesa Minister, Wife Charged With Mortgage Fraud
KPHO Phoenix - Lisa Leigh Kelly - ?16 hours ago?
and "directed portions of the proceeds to themselves through the use of entities such as Clint Rogers Ministries." The Rogers and the other defendants were released on their own recognizance. If convicted, they could spend years in federal prison.

21 US priests suspended over sexual abuse
Press TV - ?Mar 9, 2011?
... 22.6% were aged 10 or younger. members. Six percent of all priests against whom allegations were made had been convicted and about 2% sentenced to prison by the time the report came out. A Wisconsin priest, the Rev. ...

Pastor accused of fraud against Quebec zoo - ?Mar 9, 2011?
MONTREAL — A professed holy man has been charged with committing an unholy act: defrauding the popular Quebec zoo Parc Safari out of nearly $1 million in an alleged scheme involving two of his followers. Provincial police arrested three people Tuesday ...

Pastor accused of having sex with teen in church
Delmarva Now - ?Mar 9, 2011?
Suspect is on Maryland's sex offender registry
Corbin was sentenced to 10 years in prison on the rape charge, however all but one year and six months were suspended. He was also ordered to serve three years of supervised probation. More than two years after the rape conviction, Corbin was convicted ...

Robber pastor gets 22 years
Sowetan - ?Mar 8, 2011?
A magistrate has likened a pastor who organised robbers to steal from his church to Judas Iscariot
She said some church members insulted them when they attended court proceedings, accusing them of lying about the pastor. "I wish he had been sentenced to life so that he would not come out and hurt us," she said.

Fruitland pastor charged in teen sex abuse
Bethany Beach Wave - ?Mar 8, 2011?
Courtesy Md. Dept. of Public Safety & Correction FRUITLAND — The pastor of a Fruitland church was charged by police after a teenage girl accused him of sexual abuse, according to court documents. Tonto Sylvester Corbin Sr., the 48-year-old pastor of ...

Trial date set for former priest Maday - ?Mar 8, 2011?
WINNEBAGO COUNTY - A Sept. 12 trial date was set Tuesday for a former priest convicted of sexual assault that the state wants committed as a sexual predator. Norbert Maday, 72, was convicted in 1994 of sexually assaulting young boys in Oshkosh. ...

Judge won't take former minister off sex registry
Greensboro News & Record - ?Mar 8, 2011?
Cavender, 60, is a self-described preacher and evangelist who has been on the registry for 10 years after being convicted of sexual battery and serving a brief stint in prison. He had asked to be removed from the list because it was hurting his ...

Bond reduced for charged Md. priest
Washington Post (blog) - Cecil Whig - ?Mar 8, 2011?
A retired Episcopal priest accused of molesting two girls while living in Cecil County is still be held in custody after a judge reduced his bond. Prosecutors say Donald Belcher molested a 15-year-old girl in 2006 and an 8-year-old girl ...

Ex-priest O'Grady remanded on child porn charges
The New York Irish Emgirant - ?Mar 7, 2011?
Convicted and jailed in 1994, he was paroled in 2000 after serving just half his sentence. Speaking with The Irish Emigrant at the time of the Dublin arrest, Joey Piscitelli, Northwest Director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) ...

Pastor accused of lewd conduct with girl, 14
OCRegister - Greg Hardesty - ?Mar 7, 2011?
Maffey, a pastor at the Apostolic Christian Church in San Clemente, faces up to six years in prison if convicted on charges of kissing and touching the girl on several occasions and sending sexually provocative e-mails to her between May and August ...

Pastor admits sex attack on boy
Falkirk Herald - ?Mar 5, 2011?
Odulele, of Bexley, is the pastor of the Glory House church in east London, which describes itself on its website as "one of the largest and fastest growing charismatic churches in the UK". He will be sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court at a future date, ...

Paterson pastor arraigned in stabbing - John Petrick - ?Mar 4, 2011?
Prior to starting the Koinonia and Christian Ministries in Paterson 15 years ago, Fairley was convicted of committing a violent attack on his wife. In 1983, Fairley, then 32 and a Baptist minister, was indicted on charges of breaking into his estranged ...

N.M. youth minister jailed for child porn - ?Mar 4, 2011?
SANTA FE, NM, March 4 (UPI) -- A New Mexico minister has been sentenced to 18 years in prison and lifetime probation for child pornography. Matthew Nichols, 58, a former youth and family minister at Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Los Alamos ...

NJ pastor accused of stabbing another
Daily Local News - ?Mar 3, 2011?
The 59-year-old is charged with attempted murder. Police told The Record newspaper the pair worked at the Koinonia and Christian Ministries that Fairley started 15 years ago. Police also told the newspaper at some point they were in a relationship. ...

Minister attacks female colleague
PoliJAM - ?Mar 3, 2011?
by : Administrator PATERSON, NJ, March 3 (UPI) -- A preacher in Paterson, NJ, has been charged with stabbing a female minister with whom he allegedly had had an affair. The Rev. Edward Fairley was arrested Tuesday morning outside the house where the ...

Albany youth pastor arrested on charge of luring minor
Albany Democrat Herald - ?3 hours ago?
An Albany youth pastor faces a charge of luring a minor. Albany police announced today that Sean Peter Feltmann was arrested on the charge March 4. Feltmann, a youth pastor with Willamette Community Church, 420 Third Ave. SE, was taken into custody ...

Former youth minister sentenced on sex charges - ?Mar 8, 2011?
A married youth minister was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading no contest to charges stemming from a sexual relationship with a teenage girl. Twenty-eight-year-old Paul Lisowski faced 30 years, but chose Monday to plead no contest to the ...

Priest sentenced for molesting girl, 11
Washington Post (blog) - Tom Jackman - ?Feb 18, 2011?
A Catholic priest who pleaded guilty to inappropriately touching an 11-year-old Fairfax County girl last year was sentenced Friday to nine months in jail. Felix Owino, 45, was arrested in July after visiting a family in Herndon and ...