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Koch Overthrow of America - David Koch and Rupert Murdoch have plenty of water boys like Scott Walker

David Koch and Rupert Murdoch have plenty of water boys like Scott Walker

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David Koch and Rupert Murdoch have conspired with Scott Walker against the workers of Wisconsin and indeed against the workers of the USA.

As part of AlterNet’s coverage of the Kochs and Murdoch over the last two years, they reported how Koch’s Americans for Prosperity Foundation synced an annual conference with Glenn Beck’s rally last summer at the Lincoln Memorial, offering discounted hotel rooms and bus travel to attendees, as well as day-long shuttle service between the conference hotel and the rally.

Perhaps you remember the collusion reported between Americans for Prosperity and Fox News in creating the furor that pushed Van Jones from the White House.

You may also recall our report on a 2009 Americans for Prosperity Foundation conference at which one-third of the speakers on a 15-speaker plenary agenda were on the payroll of a Murdoch entity. Two of those speakers, John Fund and Stephen Moore, hail from the Wall Street Journal; Moore sits on the newspaper’s editorial board. So it should come as no surprise to find both Fund and Moore carrying Koch’s water in this fight.




I too have spent the last three years reporting on the antics of David Koch and his propaganda mill known as “Americans for Prosperity.” This is the same bunch of greedy bastards who cheered when the USA lost our bid to host the Olympics in Chicago. Winning that bid would have immediately created thousands of jobs for Americans and would have ultimately infused our economy with billions of dollars and these pigs cheered and high-fived one another when they heard the news. There are YouTube videos of them doing it.


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