Monday, March 14, 2011

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Has Koch Industries' investment in Marco Rubio paid off?

The Washington Independent - Kyle Daly - ‎2 hours ago‎
received more Koch Industries money than any other candidate for US Senate in the 2010 election, and many of his other major contributors have personal and professional ties to the Koch brothers as well. So how have Rubio's backers fared so far in ...
Rubio the No. 1 recipient of Koch money in 2010 Senate races The Florida Independent

Billionaire Koch brothers criticized for involvement in Wisconsin Gov. Scott ...

Green Bay Press Gazette - Larry Bivins - ‎Mar 13, 2011‎
The billionaire owners of Kansas-based Koch Industries, a petroleum empire with seven sites in Wisconsin, are closely linked to Americans for Prosperity, a conservative grassroots group that organized Saturday's “Stand With Walker” rally in Wisconsin ...
The badger who became a weasel Bennington Banner

Gov. Scott Walker Refusing To Release Details Of Contacts With Koch Industries

Think Progress - George Zornick - ‎Mar 11, 2011‎
Over two weeks after receiving a request from One Wisconsin Now, Walker's administration has refused to release details of its contacts with lobbyists from Koch Industries, run by billionaire arch-conservatives Charles and David Koch. ...

Over Two Weeks Later, Walker Has Not Released Administration-Koch Lobbyist ... eNews Park Forest
Over two weeks after One Wisconsin Now filed an open records request for all email and written communications between Koch Industries’ lead Wisconsin lobbyist and the office of Gov. Scott Walker and the Department of Administration, the Walker administration has yet to fulfill the request. One Wisconsin Now said it is considering legal action and notes the unusual speed at which Gov. Walker’s office released staff email communications this week it claimed were proof of the administration’s willingness to negotiate with Senate Democrats in the budget repair bill dispute.

“Gov. Scott Walker needs to learn there isn’t one set of open records laws for emails you want to release and another set of open records laws for emails you don’t want to release,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “Suing Gov. Walker to obtain these records is not what we want to do, but we are more than willing to take him to court if he refuses to promptly fulfill our reasonable and legal request.”

Billionaire tea party tycoons financed Wisconsin's anti-union governor ...

Raw Story - Stephen C. Webster - ‎Feb 19, 2011‎
None other than reviled tea party financiers Charles and David Koch, is who. Turns out, the billionaire oil tycoons' political action committee gave Gov. Scott Walker (R) roughly $100000 in campaign contributions during the 2010 election, according to ...

David Koch Claims He Doesn't 'Directly' Support Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Think Progress - Lee Fang - ‎Mar 4, 2011‎
Americans for Prosperity bused in Tea Party activists to support Walker's current power grab, organized a major rally to support Walker, and has purchased $342200 in ads supporting Walker and attacking his liberal critics. ...

The Koch Brothers in the Spotlight Jewish Times of Southern New Jersey

Unlike Gates and Buffett, who have been widely known for decades through news and media coverage, David Koch, 70, and Charles Koch, 74, ( pronounced “ Coke”) have assiduously avoided public notice or attention. On August, 2010, Jane Mayer in The New Yorker magazine brought them into the open with an indepth investigative article that focused on the Kochs as longtime libertarians using their money to influence government policy and practices. It was entitled, “Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama.”

However, they were still not household names until Governor Scott Walker, who ignited the anti-union uproar in Wisconsin, took a telephone call from a prankster who identified himself as David Koch. Walker had received $ 43,000 from Americans for Prosperity, a Koch funded foundation, and the caller was put through immediately. The imposter taped the lengthy conversation about the Democratic senators who had fled to Illinois and complimented Walker on his refusal to budge. Walker: “I’ve got layoff notices ready . . . “ Koch impersonator: “Beautiful; beautiful. Gotta crush that union.” Once the prank call hit the cable news and the late night jokesters, David Koch and his brother could no longer remain reclusive billionaires who have been backing conservative causes for decades.

'Koch' name pervades online reaction to Wisconsin bill CNN (blog)
Then, there are the calls to boycott brands owned by Koch Industries, including: Angel Soft toilet paper, Brawny paper towels, Dixie paper products, Mardi Gras napkins and towels, Quilted Northern toilet paper, Soft 'n Gentle toilet paper, Sparkle napkins, Vanity Fair, Zee napkins, Georgia-Pacific paper products and envelopes, Georgia-Pacific lumber and building products, Lycra, and Stainmaster Carpet - to name a few.

The Koch name first came to be associated with the budget repair bill when an online news editor posed as David H. Koch, executive vice president of Koch Industries, and duped Walker into taking a prank call.

Koch Industries Makes Billions Corrupting Government - ‎Mar 8, 2011‎
Koch Industries, owned by Charles and David Koch, is not only the second-largest private company in America, it is the most politically active. As ThinkProgress has carefully documented over the last three years, Koch groups have spent tens of millions ...
Boycott Koch Industries Southside Pride
Op-Ed: The illusory multi-million dollar ads campaign comes to Wisconsin

Koch Brothers Behind Environment Killing Measures - ‎Mar 2, 2011‎
By now you're probably familiar with Koch Industries, a major polluter that's involved with just about every kind of unsustainable industry - oil, gas, coal, chemicals, cattle, forestry, and synthetics. They're behind much of the right wing organizing ...
Anonymous has a new target: The Koch brothers Pitch Weekly (blog)

Koch Industries Tops Scott Walker Boycott List - David Green - ‎Mar 9, 2011‎
Number one on the list: Koch Industries. David and Charles Koch's contributed $43000 to Walker's 2010 gubernatorial campaign through their company's Political Action Committee (PAC). The Koch brothers also founded Americans for Prosperity, ...
The Kochs and the guv stir up a hornets' nest Illinois Times

The Koch Brothers May Be In Your House Right Now

Death and Taxes - Andrew Belonsky - ‎Feb 22, 2011‎
Liberals would love to wipe their bums with David and Charles Koch, the conservative businessmen who help fund and elevate conservative causes, like the Tea Party. Well, turns out they can… ...

Tea Party Billionaire David Koch Bemoans Cuts In Federal Cancer Funding

Think Progress - Brad Johnson - ‎Mar 7, 2011‎
The cuts, supported by the Tea Party Republicans Koch helped elect, greatly dwarf the private support Koch has offered for cancer research, which amount to about one percent of his vast petrochemical wealth: Let me conclude my remarks by asking those ...
Video: Sen. Brown Seeks More Funds From David Koch Democracy Now

Charles and David Koch #18 on Forbes' Billionaires List - David Green - ‎Mar 11, 2011‎
Americans for Prosperity, a Koch-founded 501(c)(4), dolled out $45 million to tip elections in favor of Republican and Tea Party candidates in 2010 alone. That group is also behind "Stand With Walker", a multimedia publicity campaign designed to ...

The Evil Stench of David H. Koch and Corrupting Arts Philanthropy

Clyde Fitch Report - Beck Feibelman - ‎Mar 10, 2011‎
While the New York State Theater and the MIT cancer institute bear Koch's name, his conservative political funding projects are much more discrete. Through AFP and his other front groups, Koch funds the racist, crackpot Tea Party and then lies about it ...

MAINE COMPASS: What about those Koch brothers?

Morning Sentinel - John Frary - ‎Mar 11, 2011‎
... union busters, financiers of the tea party, and supporters of think tanks of ill-repute, ie, think tanks that contradict liberal think tanks. Although I've been "Koch conscious" since David Koch ran as vice president on the Libertarian Party line ...

Another Big Win for Koch Tea Party Funding - New Hampshire Abandons its RGGI ...

IBTimes - Susan Kraemer - ‎Feb 28, 2011‎
With unprecedented funding from the Koch brothers, following the Supreme court decision to allow bribery, polluter-friendly "Tea Party" Republicans have been installed in state legislatures around the country, who signed pollution-friendly "climate ...

Insanely Rich Koch Bros Demand "Fiscal Sanity" in Wisconsin

Gothamist - John Del Signore - ‎Feb 22, 2011‎
Their money is also reportedly behind a lot of the Tea Party movement, and they finance the right-wing organization Americans for Prosperity. Yesterday the president of that non-profit (ha) group turned up in Madison, Wisconsin to lecture union ...
Americans for Prosperity Attack Middle Class Auburn Journal

How David Koch tried to derail the Reagan revolution

Salon - Steve Kornacki - ‎Feb 23, 2011‎
... to an impersonator, but the simple fact that someone claiming to be David Koch could (apparently) reach him with such ease speaks to the stature Koch -- a billionaire tycoon who has been called "the Tea Party's wallet" -- now enjoys on the right. ...

Freedom of assembly trumps free enterprise

The Hill (blog) - Leo W. Gerard - ‎Feb 25, 2011‎
Koch got Walker elected. The Koch-backed Tea Party now rallies in Madison against the public employees. The Koch-financed APF bought $320000 in TV ads against the public workers. Other Koch-financed GOP governors are sending letters of support to ...
In a Democracy, Freedom of Assembly Trumps “Free Enterprise” Firedoglake

"They Have Found The Enemy, And It Is Koch"

The Atlantic - ‎Feb 24, 2011‎
Americans for Prosperity, the nonprofit Tea Party-organizing group co-founded by David Koch—he's still on the board—had a $40 million budget in 2010. (On Tuesday AFP announced a $342000 ad buy supporting Walker.) Nationally, the labor movement spent ...