Friday, November 9, 2012

The Tea Party Is Dead. Long Live the Tea Party.

The_Liann 2 minutes ago

The US TEA PARTY was a project of CSE (Koch Citizens for a Sound Koch Economy) now since rebranded as FREEDOMWORKS-CSE and AFP (Koch Americans for Koch Prosperity).

The US TEA PARTY website can still be visited in the ARCHIVES.ORG wayback macine from 2002-2005, with mirror image pages on CSE.ORG.

In 2002 Americans were Enjoying GEORGE WRECKER BUSH as president for his first term and had already "taken their country back. The nation had never heard of Barack Obama yet.

In August 2001 the TAR HEELS TEA PARTY attacked the North Carolina State Capitol Bldg with 600 frothy-mouthed screamers throwing tea bags around and complaining about taxed too much already. This protest was sponsored by Dick Armey's dick army of CSE, and also ART POPE'S JOHN LOCKE INSTITUTE co-housed in the same offices as Charles Koch's Institute of Humane Studies at George Mason University.

The TEA PARTY project was created over decades of anti-cigarette tax front organizations funded by the Tobacco Organized Crime Racketeers, as evidenced by the TOBACCO DOCUMENTS housed at SF State U Legacy Library documents collections from the many tobacco trials documents.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jeb Bush Nazi Family Values

From "The Family" book, by Kitty Kelly, George Herbert Walker & Prescott Bush
George Herbert Walker was great-Grandfather to George & Jeb Bush, put the W  in the middle name of two presidents. He married his daughter to Prescott Bush father to George-Herbert-Walker Bush, gave Kennebuckport estate to daughter and Bush family as wedding present.

He went to German in 1924 to look for business opportunities for Averell Harriman. He found Friotz Thyssen, then backing the rise of Adolph Hitler. An 18 year relationship was established between Thyssen, Walker-Bush and Harriman that lasted through autumn 1942, 8 months after Pearl Harbor.

Adolph Hitler and Fritz Thyssen, famous picture from the book "I PAID HITLER" by Fritz Thyssen.
Fritz Thyssen gave Bert Walker a bank to create in NYC to funnel funds back and forth between Europe and Wall Street. The  Thyssen UNION BANK CORPORATION included directors on the board Walker, Prescott Bush, and Remington Arms CEO Samuel Pryor.

Prescott Bush was appointed as a director of the Harriman Fifteen Corporation. This in turn controlled the Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation, that owned one-third of a complex of steel-making, coal-mining and zinc-mining activities in Germany and Poland. This coal mining operation was the reason that Auschwitz was located where it was, close to coal to operate, and this business sold coal to burn Jews in the Auschwitz death camps.
From "American Dynasty" Book, Appendix showing interlocking directorates from ARCHIVES.ORG website archive.
George Herbert Walker and his son-in-law Prescott Bush are shown involved with very shady characters. American Ship and Commerce controlled the Nazi shipping line HAPAG, which runs a ship named after Walker's home town named the SS St LOUIS, but you know it better as THE VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED. It was the ship owners Walker, Prescott's boss Harriman, and Samuel Pryor that give the orders that send their ship back to Nazi Europe.

George Herbert Walker is in the center of sending the refugee Jews on board his ship ST LOUIS back to Nazi Europe.

Samuel Pryor, acting president of Remington Arms located in the Cunard Building at 25 Broadway, in 1915 stuffed the Cunard SS LUSITANIA for it's fatal voyage full of 4,000,000 rounds of Rockefeller-owned Remington Arms bullets. Rockefeller had his headquarters across street at 26 Broadway, Harriman and Bush were in offices at 37 Broadway, Walker had his offices at 1 Wall Street corner of Broadway, all grouped less than one block apart.

...This is a fraction of the Bush-Nazi Family Values which inform the Jeb Bush Family Values. Click image for larger view

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CREW Calls for FCC to Revoke Murdoch’s Broadcast Licenses
May 01, 2012

Rupert Murdoch engaged as Director of Philip Morris Tobacco Company during the height of the R.I.C.O. racketeering conspiracy, which had over a 50 year period serial murdered 22,000,000 American Citizens by knowingly defrauding the public about the addictive and deadly dangers of a fatal product line.

Rupert Murdoch was not only one of the largest shareholders of PM, but he also served as active agent in the conspiracy, taking $75,000,000 PM advertising per year for the Murdoch TV GUIDE publication, which was one of the last remaining routes of tobacco print advertising directly into the hands of children looking up showtimes for cartoon shows.

Not only did the Rupert Murdoch period Philip Morris begin funding an organized crime fraud operation called TASSC ( = The A.S.S. Coalition) but Rupert Murdoch was laundering payoffs to corrupt science workers by being simultaneously on the Board of Directors of CATO Institute, sitting side-by-side with David Koch. PM and other tobacco conspirators paid tens of millions of dollars to the Koch line of propaganda factories, and ultimately directed the creation of Tea Party Tax Protests. CATO hired and paid out  tobacco money to APCO TASSC-operatives "Senior Fellows" Michael Gough, Steve Milloy, S. Fred Singer, Bruce Ames, Frederick Seitz. Koch FREEDOMWORKS-CSE operated tobacco-funded USTEAPARTY.COM from 2002 thru 2005 on the CSE.ORG server, mirroring the pages on CSE.ORG domain.

Links to evidence exist at the following locations:

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why Evangelicals coalesced around Rick Santorum

Why Evangelicals coalesced around Rick Santorum
by _Liann_ January 4, 2012 11:05 AM EST

"Intelligent Design" is Moonist anti-christ theology pushed by a convicted felon money-launderer through Discovery Institute and Hudson Institute. Thug-angelicals are eager to Spread Santorum all over themselves, this guy who gave a heads-up warning to his adultery buddy Senator John Ensign that the cuckold staffer whose wife Ensign was buggering was going to the press. Yeah, spread that Santorum all over yourselves.

THIS TIME the thug-angelicals are not getting a pass on their immorality. The Tea-Klux-Klan has put out the idea that if a black pizzaman date-rapes a white job applicant, he "wins", and the dumb broad has to carry the rapist's baby, because sperm is holy and women are here only to be used by men. That story needs to be explained in Dixie!