Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hutaree Michigan Militia Pals Have Picnic

Militia's family field day is more than just fun and games

Last Updated: April 09. 2011 2:32PM

Brighton — Members of the Michigan Militia, an 18-year-old all-volunteer armed force established to protect the rights of citizens, gathered today for a family picnic and an opportunity to openly carry their weapons.

Lee Miracle, organizer of today's Militia Field Day at Island Lake Park, sported a Glock 17, a semiautomatic pistol, in a holster on his right hip as he chatted with picnickers. It's every American's right to bear arms, Miracle said.

"This (event) is our touch-base once a year. It's fun," he said.

The group meets throughout the year for preparedness training, he added.

"We help our fellow citizens deter crime, invasion, terrorism and tyranny, and prepare for disaster," he said.

Men dressed in camouflage uniforms and a few women laughed and talked as hot dogs and burgers sizzled on the grill. A few participants headed for the shooting range to begin practice drills and contests, including one for children. Other sessions included a water bottle toss and war cry competition.

Missing in action

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Michigan "Hutaree" militia group had Tea Party connections

Mar 29, 2010 ... Update: CNN has apparently altered their original video to omit a screenshot of an invitation to a Hutaree Tea Party.

... And oh, by the way, at (Koch-Funded) Tea Party Patriots: Official Home of the American Tea Party Movement, this was the headline that immediately went up after the first bulletins about the militia raids were posted:

That's right, some Tea Party leaders instinctively tagged the Hutaree compound as one of their own as it came under attack from federal law enforcement officials. And can you blame them? Today's right-wing, Obama-hating rhetoric -- as amplified by Glenn Beck and much of the GOP Noise Machine -- is indistinguishable from the militia message.