Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hate Groups Make Global Connections

Social networking and media tools are helping even hate groups connect globally.  For example, Taylor Rose of the Liberty University chapter of the hard-right student group Youth for Western Civilization will appear at an international anti-Islamic demonstration in Germany in early May.

Youth for Western Civilization opposes multiculturalism and "political correctness" on campus.  Among its platforms is a strong anti-immigration stance and a mission to "preserve the values of Western civilization."  Founded in 2006 the group has grown to include chapters at institutions like the University of North Carolina, Washing State and Vanderbilt, among others.

The event in Germany is called the "March for Freedom" and, according to reports, organizers reached out to Rose whom they describe as a "representative of the Tea Party" and "chapter chairman of Youth for Western Civilization." 

Rose has been working hard at making international inroads for his message of intolerance.  In early April he met in Antwerp with members of the far-right Belgian political party and has been photographed with various right wing extremists in Germany.

Given the push against multiculturalism and globalization from groups like Youth for Western Civilization, it may seem a bit odd that they would reach out into other countries for support and alliance.  But for Rose, who is fluent in German and pursuing his B.A. at the Jerry Falwell founded Liberty University in international relations with a minor in strategic intelligence, these kinds of relationships must be intentional and represent a growing savviness by the hard-right of how best to spread their message of intolerance and fear.
Jerry Falwell (Liberty University) and fascist Sun Myung Moon (publisher of Washington Times, and UPI - United Press International News Wire).

Jerry Falwell and Myung Moon

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YWC--The True Right at Liberty University

After being shunned, slandered, and having our names dragged in the mud by leftist and libertarian radicals and having continually dealt with a wishy-washy administration that will neither approve nor deny YWC’s existence on LU’s campus, Liberty YWC members showed up in our YWC shirts and other classic Tea Party shirts and flags at the local Tea Party rally. Local photographers and journalists canvassed the area attempting to get story on our large group of youthful patriots.
LU journalist Melinda Zosh with the Liberty Champion, the student newspaper here at Liberty, approached many YWC members, including myself, and did a thorough, fair interview with a number of deep, thought-provoking questions.
Today when we arrived at our morning classes, scattered around LU’s campus were copies of the latest Liberty Champion on the cover of which was a large picture are YWC-Liberty members and YWC founder and president Kevin DeAnna. But our amazement did not stop there. The article was filled with the opinions of only YWC members. Why is this significant? Its significant because it shows two things: first, YWC-Liberty will not be intimidated by any group or groups of people to simply fall away and secondly, with the lack of College Republicans and College Libertarians even making an effort to be involved in the Tea Party movement, it shows that YWC is the premier right-wing force on the campus of Liberty University. We will not die, we will not fall away, we will survive and move forward and continue to be the growing force for life, liberty and property on the campus of Liberty University.