Sunday, June 26, 2011

Texas is One Vote From Approving Confederate Flag License Plates

Ujala Sehgal Jun 25, 2011

White Supremicist AMERICANS helped raise Hitler and deserve their due recognition. George (the GAY, not the CIA) Bush's grandfather and great-grandfather both contributed to the power takeover of Adolph Hitler and share the guilt of 6,000,000 jews murdered. The Dupont's General Motors equipped the Wiermacht with 40% of it's cars and trucks, and Ford made 35% of them. Hitler even had a full life-sized portrait of Ford over his desk. IBM tracked every jew in Europe from their home address to their death in the camps. ITT made the engines for the Luftwaft bombers and fighters. JP Morgan sold the bonds that built the war factories in Germany, Italy and Japan. Back to the Bushs, Prescott and father-in-law signed up with nazi financier by 1926 and 1924 respectively, and Prescott Bush administered the Silesian-American company which sold coal to the Concentration Camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. EXXON (Standard Oil) President and Chairman were both convicted of TRADING WITH THE ENEMY (google it.) So what did they use coal for at Birkineau in 1942? (Eight months after Pearl Harbor Bush had his control confiscated, along with 25 other nazi companies he oversaw under the Trading With The Enemy law)